ACH – What is the meaning of the acronym ACH?

As always, there are so many meanings for abbreviations. Let’s take a look here at what ACH stands for. In the financial world, ACH is standing for “Automated Clearing House”. This is the network that’s coordinating automated money transfers and electronic payments in America.

ACH is an automated system that allows for moving money between different banks without using cash, paper checks, credit card networks, or wire transfers. In the world of Biochemistry, ACH stands for Acetylcholine and “Ach” is also an exclamation, in British/Scottish, to express a feeling of surprise, disgust, impatience, and so on. The main explanation, however, is Automated Clearing House so let’s dig a little deeper into that meaning.

The ACH Network, a highly sophisticated system for transferring electronic funds, is operated since 1974 by NACHA (formerly named “National Automated Clearing House Ass.”). This NACHA payment system handles payroll, tax refunds and payments, direct deposit, consumer bills, and a host of other payment services in the U.S.

NACHA, a self-regulating institution, gives the Automated Clearing House network its rules, management, administration, and development. The rules by which the organization operates are designed in such a way that they are facilitating growth in the scope and size of electronic payments within ACH.

How does the ACH Network Work?

According to NACHAS, the electronic system ACH represents and serves over ten thousand financial institutions in the U.S. and it’s moving over $44 trillion through more than 26 billion financial electronic transactions annually.

Basically, the ACH Network works as a financial hub to help organizations and people move funds from one bank to another. ACH transactions include direct payments, direct deposits, B2B transactions, consumer transactions, and government transactions.

Let’s see what ACH meanings there are. As always, there are numerous meanings depending on the social or professional environments they’re used in. Here we go:

A Child’s Hope – Non-Profit Organization
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage – Australia
Above Counter Height
Absorption Chiller Heater
Academia Colombiana de Historia
Academic Credit Hours
Academy of Curative Hypnotherapists
Academy on Communication in Healthcare
Accessible Coat Hooks
Acción Contra el Hambre – Spanish
Account Clearing Hacking
Account Clearing House
Accountable Communities of/for Health
Accountable Community of Health
Accreditation Commission for Health
ACCS Common Hardware – Governmental, Military
ACCS Common Hardware – Military
Acetaldehyde – Medical
AcetylCHoline – Medical, Physiology
Acetylcholinergic – Medical
Acetylcholinesterase – Medical
Achalasia – Medical
Achondroplasia – Medical, Technology
Acoli – Language Codes, 3 Letters
Acoustic Ceiling Hangers
Acoustic Countermeasures Hardware – Technology
Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau – Medical
ACTH – Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
Active Chromatin Hub – Medical, Bioscience
Active Chronic Hepatitis
Active Core Height
Acute Care Hospital
Acute Care Hospitalization(s)
Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage – Medical
Acute cholecystitis – Medical
acyl-CoA hydrolase – Medical
Ada County Highway
Additional Crane Handling
Adelaide Children’s Hospital
Adrenal Cortical Hormone – Medical
AdrenoCortical Hormone – Medical, Physiology
Adult and Child Health
Adult Care Home(s)
Advanced Chain Home – Military
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
Advanced Combat Helmet(s) – Military
Advanced Communication Headset
Advanced Compound Helicopter – Military
Advanced Correctional Healthcare
Afghan Cultural House
Aged Care and Housing
Aged Care Housing
Aged-Care Home
Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities
Air Cargo Hamburg
Air Cargo Handling
Air Change(s) per Hour – Science, Architecture
Air Cleaner Housing – Engine, Technology
Air Conditioning and Heating
Air Craft Hand
Airbus Corporate Helicopters
Airline(s) Clearing House
Airline Content Hub
Airport Car Hire
Aki, Christoffersson, and Husebye – Science, Geology
Akron Children’s Hospital
Akron City Hospital
Alameda County Health
Alberta Children’s Hospital
All Children’s Hospital
All Church Home
Allan Cup Hockey – Canada
Allergic Contact Hypersensitivity
Allgemeiner Club der Hundefreunde – Germany
Alliance Community Hospital
Alliance of Catholic Healthcare – California
Almira Coulee Hartline
Alpha-Chlorohydrin – Medical
Alta Capacidad Hispana
Aluminium Chloro Hydrate
Aluminum Chlorhydrate – Medical
Aluminum Corporation of China, Ltd
Alveolar Crest Height – Medical
Always Coming Home
Ambulatory Child Health
Amelia County High School
American Canine Hepatozoonosis – Medical
American Catholic Hymnal
American Children’s Home
American College Health
American College of Healthcare
American College of Heraldry
Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis
Amyotrophic Cerebellar Hypoplasia – Medical
Analysis of Competing Hypothesis – Technology, Intelligence
Angeles Crest Highway
Anno Concordia Humanus – Latin
Annual Command History
Anticholinergic – Medical
Anticoagulant-related Hemorrhage – Medical
Anti-Condensation Heater – Military
Anything Can Happen – Song, Business
Arabica Coffee House
Archaeological Cultural Heritage – United Nations
Archives on Contemporary History
Area Combined Headquarters – Military
Argentinean Creole Horses
Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Arm girth, Chest depth, and Hip width – Health
Army Combat Helmet(s)
Army Community Hospital
Arts and Cultural Heritage
Arts, Culture, and Humanities – College Degree
ASEAN Culture House
Ashland Community Hospital
Asian Culture and History
Asir Central Hospital
Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas – Education
Asociación Canófila de Honduras
Asociación Coreana de Hispanistas
Assembly Console Handbook – Technology
Asset Campus Housing
Associated Channel Header – Technology, Transport
Association Coopération Humanitaire
Association for/of Computers and (the) Humanities
Association for Computers in the Humanities
Association of Caribbean Historians
Association of Children’s Hospices
Association of Christian Hotels
ATC Flight Plan Change – Aviation
Ateliers et Chantiers du Havre – French
Attempt(s) Per Circuit Per Hour – Computing, Telecommunications
Auckland City Hospital
Aurora Community Health
Australian Camp Hospital
Australian Cement Holdings
Australian Clearing House – Business
Australian College of Hypnotherapy
Australian Commonwealth Horse
Australian Cultural History
Automate Clearing House – Banking
Automated Check Handling – Business, Accounting
Automated Clearance House
Automated Clearing House – Business, International Business
Automated Component Handling
Automatic Call Handling
Automatic Card Handler – Government
Automatic Clearing House
Automotive Components Holding – Ford
Autoregressive Conditional Hazard
Average Call Handle
Away Cluster Heads
Ayrshire Central Hospital
IATA code for St. Gallen Altenrhein Airport, Switzerland