English Grammar Exercise 1

Using ‘can’ and ‘may’ correctly: I have a confession to make. I am one of those people that work in schools and responds to the inevitable student question, ‘Can I go…

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Grammar Games Online

Internet is one of the best inventions by humans. Thanks to technological advancements, the internet has facilitated life for each and every one of us, irrespective of what context the term ease is being used in.

From parents to kids, the internet is one great tool that can provide assistance in lots of different areas, one of which is studies. Parents usually find it hard to teach their kids at home, by giving them assignments and other worksheets to do. Not only do the parents find it difficult but the child also loses interest when he or she is taught this way.

However, thanks to advancements, you can now teach your child on the internet, arousing interest in him and increasing ineffectualness. There are plenty of games online such as grammar games online which you can make your child play to increase their overall learning.


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Understanding English Grammar

What Is English Grammar? Why Do We Need It?

The term ‘English Grammar’, often uttered with an involuntary shudder, is a considerably misunderstood term. Free to the Oxford Dictionary, grammar can be defined as “the studies or rules of languages’ inflections and/or other means or ways of demonstrating relations between words, including its phonetic system.” Thus, ‘English Grammar’ is the body of rules that dictates the correct way of using the English language in our attempts to convey meaning.

For the uninitiated, understanding English Grammar may seem to be an impossible task. Perhaps it is a bit like somebody trying to be a physicist with only a rudimentary grasp of basic arithmetic. Instinctively we understand the way physics works in the world around us, yet we don’t necessarily spend our days performing calculations with esoteric formulae.


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