FUY – What does that stand for?

We came across just two acronyms for FUY, Flagler United Youth and the FUY Forest in the Upper Yangtze, China (see the video later on in this post).

FUY also refers to a town, a river, and a waterfall in Chili. The Middle Fuy is a famous 50-foot waterfall on El Rio Fuy (see video at the bottom of this post), in Chile, and Puerto Fuy is a town located on Lake Pirehueico, in the “Rivers Region” in Chile.

First, let’s see what Flagler College and the Youth Ministry Forum is all about. The video tells you more about Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

FUY – Flagler United Youth

For three years in a row, Flagler youth ministry volunteers, interns, and staff are organizing the Youth Ministry Forum to be held at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. This is a fantastic time for spiritual renewal and self-development for the organization’s leaders as they will be sharing some days listening to peers, hearing keynote speakers, and discussing practical and ethical topics and issues in various sessions. The Youth Ministry Forum is key in enriching the organization’s leading members.

At the Youth Ministry Forum, there will be several workshops, so let’s take a closer look:

  • Loving Beyond Boundaries – All through the Gospels, Jesus is stepping out of his comfort zone to spend time with and talk to cultural outsiders. Jesus pulled his disciples far beyond their comfort boundaries and showed them just how far Gospels are reaching. At this workshop, Biblical stories will be examined to learn more about the importance and relevance of this theme “loving beyond boundaries.” Cultural boundaries that we’re faced with will also be examined to find out in what way the uncomfortable fringes of ministry can be dealt with in order to work well with students.
  • Missional Entrepreneurship for the bored, the curious, and the desperate – This workshop is for those who may have some ideas as to how their youth group could have a more prominent and lively presence in their communities. Things like organizing disciples on a fishing boat, setting up a chicken wing ministry, transforming the atrium into a local farmer’s market may be unorthodox but effective ways to connect to the community. This workshop aims to invigorate church and youth leaders to look beyond the beaten path and think about engaging in missional entrepreneurship. This is a practical, fast-paced workshop for creative and less creative minds that will take the imagination of ideas to the next level.
  • How to make service and the gospel integral parts of youth discipleship – If you ever felt like when planning for ministry, service is merely an afterthought, and that that should be different, you’re right. Jesus told the upper room disciples at the Last Supper that they should be washing feet and yes, that is in no way an afterthought! This is an integral characteristic of what discipleship is all about. Participants in this workshop will be reflecting on John 13 and how living in solidarity with the less privileged and poor is important for Jesus’ disciples. The workshop focuses on practical strategies and solutions for mentoring young individuals in this often under-addressed aspect of the Christian service. This is all about how to lead teens closer to Jesus through work for justice and service in ministries, churches, and communities.
  • Mentoring young adults through hard conversations – When things go well, Ministry with youth and the next generation may be innovative, life-giving, and fun. When things aren’t going that well, however, it may be hard to come up with the best approach, the right words, or the perfect timing to have hard conversations. On the one hand, you don’t want to lose contact with emerging, but on the other hand, you wouldn’t want them to miss out on everything that God has for in store for them either. This workshop addresses tools and mindsets that will help nextgen leaders engage in essential conversations.
  • Where do youth and mental health collide? – This workshop addresses issues relating to youth and mental health and is based on unique perspectives of the everyday reality in which our nation’s teenagers live these days. To help bring some clarity to issues around working work with young students, this interesting workshop focuses on three main points: 1/ how to help teens tolerate distress 2/ good ideas to help students live in harmony and at peace with themselves, and 3/ how to support hurting teens without taking over the responsibilities they have.

Middle Fuy 50 Footer – Raw Footage

FUY Forest in the Upper Yangtze, China