GMAFB – What does it stand for?

GMAFB – Give Me A Freakin’ Break (politely said) or Give Me A Fucking Break (usual meaning)

In chat boxes, players will be writing “GMAFB” when they tilt because of a bad beat. I’ll give you an example where the acronym GMAFB could be used appropriately.

At the end of a tournament, when you’re just one spot from the final round and you’re knocked right out of that tournament, it could be an appropriate use of the acronym “GMAFB” to type it in the chatbox. So far for GMAFB. More at the bottom of this page. Let’s now look at the risks of “Texting”.

What all parents need to know about sexting

Probably, you’ve heard those horror stories about so-called “sexting” that pop up all over the nation’s news. Let’s take a look at what “sexting” exactly stands for. Is this something you, as parents, should worry about? What and who is actually “sexting” and is this really a problem?

Well, here we’ll tell you all about “sexting slang”. Recent research has revealed that almost 40% of all teens and some 60% of younger adults have sexted at one time.

The definition of Sexting is officially “Sending sexually explicit images or messages between mobile devices”. It is, in fact, the modern-day equivalent of something older people used to label “Phone Sex”.

The word Sexting has the terms “sex” and “texting” combined and it originated at the beginning of this century as more and more people were having cell phones equipped with cameras. Phone sex left something to our imagination but with sexting, very little is left when it comes to imagination.

Among couples, “sexting” is truly a natural progression that can be playful and bring a lot of pleasure and fun. On the other hand, especially teens and younger adults can also be faced with serious consequences through sexting.

If you have the impression that your teen is engaged in sexting, you really need to talk to your child and explain as much as you can about the dangers and risks of sending out personal pictures online.

In many states, teens that are caught “sexting pictures” using their smartphones can get charged with child pornography possession, even when they themselves are under-age, and also if it concerns images of themselves.

Please make your teen aware that those online images may be on the Internet permanently. While it can be exciting and fun to send explicit sexual images and pictures to a boyfriend, who knows what happens after a relationship has ended? Can your teen really trust that person that he will not do anything harmful with those pictures? This is definitely not a risk you want your child to run, do you?

Back to GMAFB

One more meaning of the abbreviation GMAFB is “Give Me A Freeping Break” but to be honest, I hardly hear anyone use it in this way…but there’s more.┬áSo GMAFB can stand for:

Give Me A Fucking Break
Give Me A F***ing Break
Give Me A Freakin’ Break
Give Me A Freeping Break
Gee, My Ass Fall Beside

In fact, this is all Online Jargon, also referred to as Text Message Shorthand, used in online chat, texting, email, instant messaging, blogs, or news postings. This sort of abbreviation is also called Chat Acronyms.