MPC – What does MPC stand for?

There are numerous ways in which the acronym or abbreviation MPC is used, just check out the long list below. First, I’ll give you the (probably) most relevant though this will always be open to discussion.

In the world of Economics, MPC (Marginal Propensity to Consume) is used for describing and quantifying induced consumption. This relates to the idea that increased consumer consumption (more spending) happens ) occurs when there is increased income (after transfers and taxes, the so-called “disposable income”). The following Khan Academy Video explains it all:

So we refer to this disposable income proportion that people are spending on consumption as “Propensity to Consume”. Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC) is that proportion of people’s additional income that’s available for consumption.

I’ll give you an example: suppose a household will be earning two extra dollars of disposable income while the MPC (the marginal propensity to consume) is 0.60, of those two dollars, this household will be spending 2 x 60 cents ($1.20) and save 2 x 40 cents ($.80). It may be obvious that our household in the example, without borrowing money, will not be able to give out more than the two extra dollars.

Another frequently used meaning of MPC is “Monetary Policy Committee”, a part of the Bank of England in the United Kingdom (The Central Bank of the UK) that takes decisions about interest rates. For example, expectations are that the MPC will keep the interest rates at 3% next week.

In astronomy, MPC, or Mpc, is used as the abbreviation for “Megaparsec”, a unit of length. MPC is in astronomy also used as an abbreviation for “Minor Planet Circulars” (M.P.C., MPC or their plural forms) in  Minor Planet Center’s astronomical publications. Additionally, in this context, the abbreviations MPEC and MPECs) apply for Minor Planet Electronic Circulars.

In the world of computers, MPC is also used in GNU MPC, an arbitrarily high-precision C library for complex numbers arithmetics and for Massively Parallel Computing (MPC) when many processors are used for performing coordinated computations.

In the legal world, MPC stands for “Model Penal Code”. Criminal defendants who are found legally insane (also referred to as “not guilty for reason of insanity”) can’t be held accountable for their crimes resulting from that condition. For most criminal charges, prosecutors must demonstrate the willful intent of defendants to prove guilt.

Possible meanings for the abbreviation MPC, in alphabetical order:

Macintosh Pro Computer
MAD Planning Chart
Magic Persistent Cache
Magnesium Phosphate Cement
Magnetic Photonic Crystal
Mahendra Police Club – Nepal
Mai-Liao Power Corporation – Power Company, Taiwan
Main Planning Conference
Main Playable Character
Main Press Center
Maintenance Power Controller
Maintenance Priority Code
Maintenance Process Control
Major Power Consumer – Canada
Major Procurement Center
Make Project Creator – Computer Programming
Malacanang Press Corporation – Philippines
Malacanang Press Corps – Company in the Philippines
Malaysia Productivity Corporation
Malibu Presbyterian Church – Malibu, California
Managed Personal Computer
Management Planning Committee
Management Planning Control – software
Management Processor Card – Cisco
Manchester Parish Council – UK
Manifold Pressure Controlled – Automotive
Manila Press Club
Manitoba Pioneer Camp – Canada
Manitoba Press Council
Manitoba Public Council
Manpower Personnel Center
Manu Pest Control, Delhi, India
Manual Piloto Civil
Manual Pointing Controller
Manufacturer’s Product Code
Manufacturing Planning and Control
Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Marginal Private Costs – Economics
Marginal Propensity to Consume – Economics
Marginal Propensity To Consume – Business
Marikina Polytechnic College
Marine Packed Cargo
Marine Personnel Carrier
Marine Pollution Control – Detroit, Michigan
Marine Prediction Center
Marine Projects Coordinator
Marine Protective Coating
Mario Paint Composer – Computer Game
Market Performance Center – UK
Market Profit Center
Marketing Planning Council
Maryland Physicians Care
Mass Produced Code – Generator
Massachusetts Production Coalition – Filmmaking
Massively Parallel Computing
Master of Professional Communication – College Degree
Master Palliative Care – United Kingdom
Master Planned Community
Master Planning Committee
Master Player Character – Business
Master Player Clan – Gaming
MasterPiece Creator
Material Processing Center – Logistics
Material Program Code
Material Purchase Certificate – Mississippi tax exemptions involving contracting
Materials Preparation Center – US Department of Energy Ames Laboratory
Materials Processing Corporation
Maternity Protection Convention
Mathematics Physics Chemistry
Mathematics Program Construction
Maths Physics and Chemistry – Academics, Science
Maxim Power Corp. – Canada
Maximum permissible concentration(s) – Medical, Physiology
Maximum Power Computing
Maximum Power Consumption
Maximum Profit Center
Mazda Premacy Club
Mcafee Parental Controls – Computers
McLaren Production Centre – Automotive
Mean Plasma Concentration
Mean Platelet Count
Mearthane Products Corporation – Business
Media Player Classic
Media Power Center
Media Press Center
Media Production City – Egypt
Medial Prefrontal Cortex
Medial Premotor Cortex
Medical Patterns of Care
Medical Payments Coverage – insurance
Medical Practices Committee
Medical Privacy Coalition
Medical Provider Component
Meeting Program Chair
Megaparsec – Unit of length used in astronomy
Mega Particle Cannon – Gundam, Fiction
Mega PC
Meiotic Pairing Center
Member Plus Central –
Member of Provincial Council – Sri Lanka
Memorial Park Conservancy – Houston, TX
Memorial Presbyterian Church
Memory Protection Check
Memory transactions Per Cycle
Mental Processing Composite
Message Passing Coprocessor
Message Passing Coupling
Message Processing Center – Government, Military
Metal Properties Council
Metallophthalocyanine –  A Phthalocyanine Applied in Dyeing
Meteorological Prediction Center – US, NASA
Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphorylcholine – Medical
Metropolitan Planning Commission
Metropolitan Planning Committee
Michael Polanyi Center – Baylor University, Waco, Texas
Micro Portable Computer
Micron PC
Micron Personal Computers
Micro-Phase Cleaning – Science, Electronics
Microphone Preamp and Compressor
Microprogrammable Controller
Microsoft Product Code
Microsoft Project Calendar
Mid Power Controller
Mid Term Planning Committee – US, FEMA
Midbody Pyro Controller – Government
MIDI Production Center – Akai
Midi Production Center – Business, Music
Mid-orbiter Power Controller
Mid-Planning Conference
Mid-Point Concave
Midterm Planning Conference
Mighty Powerful Company
Mike Patton Club
Military Payment Certificate(s) – Government, Military
Military Payment Currency
Military Personnel Center
Military Personnel Classification
Military Police Control
Military Police Corps
Military Postal Clerk
Military Preferred Carbine
Military Procurement Code
Military Property Custodian
Milk Peptide Complex – Human Genome
Milk Producers Council
Milk Protein Concentrate
Milk Protein Concentration
Million Pound Challenge – weight loss
Milton Peters College – Education, St. Maarten
Milwaukee Protective Covers
Mindanao Polytechnic College – Philippines
Mini Packet Ping Command
Miniature Precision Components, Inc.
Minimum Price Contract
Minnesota Population Center
Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. North Dakota
Minor Planet Center – IAU, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Minor Planet Classification
Minor Planets Circular – Orbits
Mission Performance Checklist
Mission Phase Code
Mission Planning Cell – US DoD
Mission Planning Center
Mitsubishi Pharmaceutical Corporation – Japan
Mizoram People’s Conference – Political Party, Mizoram, India.
Mobile Patient Charting – Medical
Mobile Payments Conference
Mobile PC
Mobile Phone Camera
Mobile Phone Center
Mobile Phone Cleaner
Mobile Position(ing) Center
Mobile Production Center – Vulture Team National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California
Mobile Productivity Center – Business
Mobilization Processing Center
Mobius Prepaid Card
Model Penal Code – Legal Insanity
Model Predictive Control – Mathematics, Science, Electronics
Model Products Corporation – Business, Automotive
Modern Political Collections – South Carolina
Modified Policy Code – Insurance
Modular Port Concentrator – Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale, CA
Monarch Park Collegiate – Ontario, Canada
Monetary Policy Committee – United Kingdom, Bank, Governmental
Monitor Proportional Counter
Monitoring Participating Contributing
Monolayer Protected Clusters
Montana Power Company – Now: NorthWestern Energy
Monterey Peninsula College – Monterey, California
Montreal Prelude Club – Canada
Morlaix Poker Club, Morlaix, France
Morningside Presbyterian Church
Morris Park Crew – graffiti gang, NY
Mortgage Protection Clause
Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy
Most Placeable Candidate
Most Probable Cost
Motion Picture Company, Inc. – Kissimmee, Florida
Motion Predictive Control
Motor Patrol Constable
Motorola Power Center
Mountain Pursuit Challenge – Ireland scouting
Mountaineer Parents Club – West Virginia University
Mouthpiece – Music Instrument Equipment
Mouvement pour Communauté – French, Community Movement
Moving Picture Company – London, United Kingdom
Mpeg Compression
MSFvenom Payload Creator
Mucopurulent Cervicitis
Multi-Point Communications
Multi-Point Constraints
Multi Printer Center
Multi-Process Communications
Multi-Protocol Client
Multicatalytic Proteinase Complex – Medical
Multi-Color Project
Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic
Multilayer Paper Covered – wires
Multimedia Personal Computer
Multimedia Presentation Center
Multimedia Production Center
Multimedia Products Committee
Multimodal Perioperative Care – Medical
Multi-Party Computation
Multi-Party Control
Multi-Path Channel
Multi-Personal Computer
Multiplayer Cheats – gaming
Multiple Partial Configuration
Multiple Plastic Corporation
Multiple Protocol Center
Multiple-Payload Carrier
Multiple-Purpose Console
Multi-Point Circuit
Multi-Point Conferencing
Multi-Point Constraint
Multi-Point Controller
Multiproduct Cartel
Multi-Project Chip – Science
Multi-Protocol Controller – Nortel
Multi-Purpose Cadastres
Multi-Purpose Canine
Multi-Purpose Canister
Multi-Purpose Card
Multi-Purpose Carrier
Multi-Purpose Center – Business
Multi-Purpose Cleaner – Automotive
Multi-Purpose Combat
Multipurpose Communications Console
Multi-Purpose Console
Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Philippines
Multipurpose Protective Coating
Münchmeyer Petersen Capital
Municipal People’s Congress – People’s Republic of China
Municipalities Planning Code – Pennsylvania
Muntinlupa Polytechnic College – Now: University of Muntinlupa, Philippines
Muscle Precursor Cell – Medical
Muse Pack Compression or Musepack – Audio Compression Format
Music Production Center
Music Production Controller
Musica Para Camaleones – Spanish, Music for Chameleons
Mustang Parts Canada – Vehicles
Mysterious Package Company – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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