MSG – What does this stand for?

In general, MSG stands for “Monosodium Glutamate”, a food additive with code number 621. You can find MSG typically in savory foods like stocks, instant noodles, soups, corn chips, sauces, flavored rice crackers, and Asian foods. We can see more and more foods that have the label “No MSG”. In texting and the computer world, MSG is short for “Message”.

MSG is frequently used by restaurateurs and in the food industry to enhance flavor. MSG itself is flavorless but it makes food more savory. We know this as “umami”, which stands for our fifth basic taste. It is the rich, underlying flavor that you can find in meaty soups, good broths, and tasteful gravies.

The main component of MSG is an amino acid called glutamic acid or glutamate, which you can find naturally in foods that are rich in protein such as poultry, meat, aged cheeses like Parmesan, seaweed, soy sauce, and ripe tomatoes. Many Asian chefs add it to foods in the form of MSG, a cheap crystalline powder that they use to replace salt. A famous Asian MSG brand is “Aji-No-Moto” that has been around for many years.

MSG may pose slight problems for asthmatic patients who are sensitive to the substance but in general, MSG is considered safe. For most people, MSG poses no harm whatsoever though many consumers avoid it when possible.

But, as is practically always the case with abbreviations, it has so many definitions. The following list includes many ways in which MSG is used. Just check it out and we welcome contributions if you come across another commonly used definition of MSG. Here we go (by alphabet).

Machine Stress Grading
Machine Stress-grade – Technology, Architecture
Macintosh Support Group – New Zealand
Macka Sanat Galerisi – Converter
MacLennan Scottish Group
Macquarie Securities Group – London, United Kingdom
Macromolecular Structure Group – the University of California at San Francisco
Macromolecular Studies Group
Made Some Ground – Sexual
Madison Songwriters Group – Madison, Wisconsin
Madison Square Gard
Madison Square Garden(s), New York, NY
Magazine Safety Group – Military
Magnum Snow Goose – Haydel Game Call
Main Street Gallery
Main Street Grille
Main Switchgear – Electrical Engineering
Maine Sea Grant – University of Maine
Maine State Government
Maine State Grange
Maine State Grange – Augusta, Maine
Maintenance and Service Guide – Technology
Maintenance Steering Group – Aircraft, Technology, Logistics
Maintenance Strategy Group
Maintenance Study Group – Business
Maintenance Support Group – Military
Maintenance Support Guide – Military, Coast Guard
Maintenance System Guide – Technology
Maitrise de Science de Gestion – France, Science
Maji Safi Group
Major Salivary Glands – Medical
Major Surface Glycoprotein – Medical, Biology
Makerere Students Guild – Kenya
Malate Synthase G – Medical
Malaya Study Group
Malaysian Sheet Glass
Male Sex Guide
Malpensa Spotters Group
Mammoet Sliding Gantry
Managed Services Group
Managed Solutions Group, Inc.
Management Science Group
Management Service GmbH – Germany
Management Services Group
Management Solutions Group
Management Steering Group – Computing, Telecommunications, Management
Management Study Guide
Management System Group
Management System(s) Guide – Business
Management Systems Group
Manawatu Speleo Group – Caving Hut in New Zealand
Manchester Sports Guild – United Kingdom
Mangotsfield Scout Group
Manhattan Strategy Group
Manifest Sons of God
Manila Street Guide – Philippines
Mannik & Smith Group
Manpower Scaling Guide – Military
Manpower Steering Group – Military
Manpower Sub-Group – Now Manpower Focus Group
Manufacturers Standard Gauge – Steel
Manufacturing Service Group
Manufacturing Solutions Group
Manufacturing Support Group
Maple Story Global
Mapper Sweep Generator
Marian Student Government
Marine Safety Group
Marine Science Group
Marine Security Guard(s)
Marine Serve GmbH – Germany
Marine Stores Guide
Marine Strike Group – Military
Marine Studies Group – Geological Society, United Kingdom
Marine Systems Group – Military
Maritime Security Group
Market Support Generation
Marketing Service(s) Group
Marketing Solution(s) Group
Marketing Systems Group – Research
Mars Global Surveyor
Marsch Sport Gelände – Germany
Martin-Schongauer-Gymnasium – Breisach, Germany
Marxist Study Group
Maryland Sea Grant
Maryland Space Grant
Mary’s Secret Garden
Masculine Singular
Masked Sith Girl
Mass Storage Gadget
Massachusetts State Guard
Master of Science in Gerontology
Master of Science in Geography
Master of Science in Governance
Master Sergeant – Military
Master Sermon For God
Master Service Group
Masters Service Gram
Material Selection Guide
Material Support Group – Technology, Military
Material Systems Group
Materials Science Glovebox
Materiel Systems Group – Military
Matt Snow Guild
Mattole Salmon Group – Petrolia, California
Mature Secretory Granule
Maui Surfer Girls Puunene, Hawaii
Maurice Sporting Goods
maximum security gate
Maximum Specific Gravity – Paving Mixture
Maximum Stable Gain – Technology, Design
McCauley-Schenker Group
McKibbin Software Group Pty Ltd – Australia
McMurry Student Government – McMurry University, Abilene, Texas
Mean Square For Groups
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan – Hearthstone Card
Mean Subject Grade – Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore
Mechanical stress grading
Mechanical Subsystem Group – Technology, Engineering
Mechanics of Structure Genome – Technology
Mechatronic Systems GmbH – Germany
Media Service(s) GmbH
Media Solutions Group
Media Sports Group
Media Support Group
Medical Specialist Group
Medical Student Government
Medical Super God
Medical Systems Group
Medium Silver Grey
Medium Spring Green
Mega Song Grandslam
Megasonic Generators – Modutek Corporation
Meguiar’s Speed Glaze
Mein schöner Garten – German Magazine
Melanesia(n) Spearhead Group – Papua, Indonesia, Government
Melanocyte-Specific Gene
Melanoma Study Group – Surgery, Medical
Members’ Services Group – Veterinary, Medical
Memorial Society of Georgia – Atlanta, Georgia
Memory SafeGuard
Men Seeking God
Men’s Small Group
Merchant Service Guild
Mercury in Silastic Strain Gauge Plethysmography – Medical
Mercyhurst Student Government – Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pennsylvania
Mesemb Study Group
Message file -File Name Extension
Message Multi-Source Group – Military
Message Region
Message Sequence Graph
Message(s) – Computing, Governmental, Military
Messaging Security Gateway – Technology
Metadata Submission Guideline
Metal Solid Gear
Metal Strip Grating
Metal Studs General
Metaldehyde Stewardship Group – Farming
Metallic Sage Green
Metamorphic Studies Group
Metastasis Suppressor Gene
Meteosat de Segunda Generaci – Italian
Meteosat de Segunda Generación – Spanish
Meteosat Second Generation – Satellite, Science
Météosat Seconde Génération – France
Metering Service Gesellschaft mbH – Germany
Methacrylates Sector Group – Petrochemistry
Metro Seattle Gamers
Mexican Society of Geomorphology
Mexico State Guard
Miami Style Graffiti
Michael S Galpert
Michael Samuel Graphics – New York, NY
Michael Schenker Group – Rock Band
Michael Steven Gregory
Michael Surya Gunawan
Michigan Silversmiths Guild
Michigan Society of Gerontology
Michigan State Government
Microcephaly with Simplified Gyral – Medical
Microelectronics Systems Group
Microfused Silicon Strain Gauge
Microgravity Science Glovebox – Technology, Space
Microsoft Solutions Group
Microwave Signal Generator
Microwave Sweep Generator – Technology
Middle School Girls
Middle School Group
Middle Silk Gland – Medical, Biology
Mighty Super Green
Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev – Former USSR president and Nobel Peace Prize winner
Milestone Group – London Stock Exchange
Militärisches Scharfschützen Gewehr – Germany, Heckler & Koch Sniper Rifle
Military Support Group
Military Systems Group, Inc. – Nashville, Tennessee
Milk Specialties Global
Milpitas Social Group
Minas da Serra Geral
Mineracao Serra Grande – Brazil
Mini Sound Generator
minimum stable generation
Minimum Subscriber Guarantee
Mini-Splits Goodman
Ministère des Services Gouvernementaux – French: Ministry of Government Services
Ministering Spiritual Gifts
Ministry of the Solicitor General – Canada
Ministry Strategy Group – Anglican Church
Mink Shoals Gang – Law & Legal
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Minor Salivary Gland – Medical
MIP Steering Group
Miranda Sex Garden – Band
Miscellaneous Simulation Generator
Missile Systems Group
Mission on Sustainable Growth
Mission Steering Group – Health, Government, India
Mission Support Group – Governmental, NASA
Mission Systems Group
Mississippi State Guard
Missouri State Government
Missouri State Guard(s)
Mitered Splined Glued
Mobile Security Gateway
Mobile Smart Grid
Mobile Standards Group – Technology
Mobile Storage Group
Mobile Suit Gundam(s) – Japanese Animated Series, Gaming
Mobile Support Group – Military
Mobilized Solutions Guide
Model Support Group – Technology, Building
Modeling and Simulation Group – Technology
Modeling Support Goods – Arms
Modular Steam Generator
Modular Synthesized Graphics
Moe’s Southwest Grill – Restaurant Chain, Atlanta, Georgia
Molecular Structures Group
Molecular Supergraph – Medicine
Molecular Systematics Group
Mollusc Specialist Group
Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway
Monash Small Grants – Monash University, Australia
Monash Sun Grid – Monash University, Australia
Monday Street Grub
Money Savvy Generation
Money-Sucking Government
Monitoring and Steering Group
Monitoring Study Group
Mono Sodium Glutamate
Monosodium Glutamate
Monosodium L-Glutamate – Medical
Monster Sky Girl
Montgomery Sporting Goods
Mont-Saint-Gregoire – France
Mooring Selection Guide
Moran Security Group
More Sabines Gulls
More Stamps Global
Mortgage Specialist Group
Mortgage Sytems Group
Most Similar Group
Mother Support Group – Breastfeeding, Health
Motion Sensing Game
Motion-Sensitizing Gradient – Medical
Mountain States Group – Boise, Idaho
Mourvedre Syrah Grenache – Grape Varieties
Movies Sounds And Goss
Movimiento Socialista de Galicia – Politics, Spain
Mr. Strong Guy – Sports
Mujahideen Special Group
Multicast Signalling Gateway
Multifunctional Secure Gateway – Technology
Multimedia Service Gateway
Multinational Signal Group
Multiple Sclerosis Group
Multiplexed Shotgun Genotyping
Multi-sectoral Group – Trinidad & Tobago
Multi-sensory Grammar – Education
Multi-Service Gateway
Multiservice Security Gateway
Multi-Source Group – Governmental, Military
Multi-Special Group
Multispeciality Group – US Healthcare Industry
Multi-Stakeholder Group – Transparency, Industrial
Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group
Multi-Stakeholders Group
Munich Strategy Group – Innovation
Muscle Study Group – Medical
Muscle-Specific Genes
Music Support Group
Musik- und Sportgemeinschaft – Germany
Musik, Sport, Gestalten – Germany
Must Say Good
Must Serve God
My Sassy Girl
My School Gist
My Special Girlfriend – Boris Song
My Star Gardens
My Statuesque Goddess
My Summer Girl
My Summer Guy
Mycoses Study Group – Medical
Program Message – File Name Extension