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What is Onsego GED

Onsego GED is a course for students who want to take the GED test. This test is for people who didn’t get a high school diploma. If they pass four GED tests, they get a high school equivalency diploma. Onsege GED is an online course that prepares students for these GED tests. These tests include Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, and Language.

Onsego is known for short lessons and quick explanations. It has a lot of positive testimonials, and rumor has it celebrities learn with Onsego.

GED – What does it stand for?

There are many misunderstandings about what GED stands for. Sometimes it’s called “General Equivalency Diploma” or “General Education Diploma.”  The fact of the matter, however, is that GED is short for General Education Development.

The credential that is issued by states when students have successfully taken the four separate tests of the General Education Development exam is across North America accepted in the same way as a standard high school diploma.

Practice tests

The GED prep course designed by Onsego includes numerous practice tests. There are over 4000 sample questions, and all questions include explanations, so the students can learn what they have missed.

The course also includes a “Progress Tracking System.” After students have logged into their accounts, they will see their progress, and they can also print their progress reports. There’s a note-taking system as well, and students wishing to make notes can export and print their notes as well.

Onsego’s online GED prep course features some unique and very powerful bonuses at no additional cost that help students get all set for the GED exam with less effort.


GED Testing Service recognizes Onsego as a trustworthy supplier of GED prep materials. Onsego is actually one of only 20 credible publishers (i.e., recognized by the GED Testing Service) that have developed a GED prep course that is entirely consistent with the latest version of the GED test.

To get certified by the GED Testing Service, prep course suppliers need to go through a scrupulous process conducted by the certification organization ProCert Labs.

ProCert Labs assesses top-notch educational courses and products designed by some of the most reputable companies and organizations, including companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA, Intuit, and GED Testing Service.

Self-paced learning

The online GED prep course designed by Onsego is a self-paced course, and students have unlimited access to all video lessons from the moment they sign up.

There’s no prescribed plan they need to follow; all lessons are immediately accessible and in any order they like. They can also take practice tests and quizzes when and as often as they wish.

Onsego’s Advantage Plan additionally includes the GED Scientific Calculator Course, a highly useful tool for students struggling with math. The course explains how to use the TI-30 XS calculator effectively to solve practically all math problems.

Motivation and Confidence Boost

Then, there’s also an interesting “Motivation and Confidence” course included. Successfully taking the four GED sub-exams requires students to stay motivated throughout the learning process, and this course helps them retain confidence and boost their performance.

The fact that the Onsego GED prep course is based on the idea of small steps and teaches all subjects in bite-sized portions also helps students to achieve their goals and will keep them engaged throughout the course.

Before starting the learning process, students will always know how long they will need to complete a section and what that part is all about. There’s actually no risk for students to sign up for the course because Onsego offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. If students don’t like the Onsego course during the first seven days after signing up, they will get their money refunded. No questions asked. Isn’t that great?