BBBJ – What is the meaning of the acronym BBBJ?

In general, BBBJ stands for “Bareback Blowjob”. It is widely used internet slang for a blowjob without a condom. For example, in “I just had a great bbbj from that little girl down the street. So it is “fellatio sans condom.” There are many abbreviations, or acronyms, that are very common in the world of Online Speech or Jargon. Generally, this is referred to as Text Message Shorthand or TMS.

Acronyms like BBBJ are common language use in online chat, email, instant messaging, texting, blogs, or online news postings. Sometimes, this sort of abbreviations is called “Chat Acronyms.” The definition mentioned above for BBBJ is the most commonly used, but there is more. Let’s take a look:

BBBJ – Bareback Blowjob
BBBJ – Baked Bean Blow Job. When a mouth is filled full of baked beans before giving a blow job.
Today I filled my blowjob machine up full of baked beans and had an awesome BBBJ!
BBBJ – Bonaire Banded Box Jelly
BBBJ – Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish
BBBJ – Bubble Bowl Boost Jump
BBBJ – Better Business Bureau Justification

More terms relating to “BBBJ”, “Blow”, “Bare”, or “Back” 

BBBJTC – Bareback Blow Job To Completion
BBBJCIM – Bareback Blow Job Cum In Mouth
BBBJTCWS – Bareback blow job to completion with swallow
BBBJWF – Bareback blow job with facial
BAREBACK – Unprotected Sex
BBFS – Bareback Full Service
BBJ – Bare Blow Job
BJ – Blow Job
B&G – Blow and Go
BNG – Blow And Go
BECKY – Oral sex, blow job
BIOYA – Blow It Out Your Ass
BJTC – Blow Job To Completion
BLS – Blown Like S**t
BMAK – Blow Me A Kiss
BMBO – Blow My Brains Out
CBJ – Covered Blow Job, with a condom
DERB – Give head, blow job
DOME – Blow job, give head·
HEAD – Blow job, give head
KIFFE – Give head, blow job
LOWBOB – Blow job, give head
MBT – Masai Barefoot Technology – trainers jargon)
B2B – Back To Back
B2B – Business To Business
B2W – Back To Work
BAC – Back At Computer
BAK – Back At Keyboard
BTK – Back To Keyboard
BAC – Blood Alcohol Content
BAC – By Any Chance
BACK – Woman’s bottom
BAREBACK – Unprotected Sex
BB – Big Brother
BB – Be Back
BBAM – Be Back After Meal
BBIAB – Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF – Be Back In A Few
BBIAM – Be Back In A Minute
BBIAS – Be Back In A Sec
BBIAW – Be Back In A While
BBL – Be Back Later
BBML – Be Back Much Later
BBN – Be Back Never
BBS – Be Back Soon
BBS  – Bulletin Board System
BBT – Be Back Tomorrow
BBWL – Be Back Way Later
BGM – Background Music
BIAB – Back In A Bit
BITD – Back In The Day
BMB – Bebo Me Back
BOOTY – Backside, usually female
BOT – Back On Topic
BOT- Back On Top
BOTN – Back Of The Net
BOTTS – Back On To The Subject
BRB – Be Right Back
BSB – Backstreet Boys
BSER – Back Stabber
BTFO – Back The F*** Off
BTTF – Back To The Future
BTTT – Back To The Top
BTY – Back To You
BU – Backup
BUTT – Backside, bottom
CMB – Call Me Back
DLB – Don’t Look Back
DTB – Don’t Text Back
ESB – Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars
FLBP – Future Lower Back Problems
FURB – F*** You Right Back
GBTM – Get Back To Me
GBTW – Get Back To Work
GOMB – Get Off My Back
GTBB – Good To Be Back
GTFB – Get The F*** Back
HB – Hug Back
HB – Hurry Back
HMB – Hit Me Back, as a reply
IB – I’m Back
IBB – I’ll Be Back
IGYB – I’ve Got Your Back
IWBB – I Will Be Back
JGB – Just Got Back
KCUF – F*** Backwards
KTBSPA – Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive
LBH – Let’s Be Honest
LBH – Loser Back Home
NBTW – Now Back To Work
NCB – Never Coming Back
NHB – No Holding Back
NHB – No Holds Barred
NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard
PCB – Printed Circuit Board
PCB – Please Come Back
PTB – Powers That Be
PTB – Pass The Buck
PTB – Please Text Back
QB – Quarter Back
RBAU – Right Back At You
RBAY – Right Back At You
TB – Text Back
WB – Welcome Back
WB – Write Back
WBB – Will Be Back
WBS – Write Back Soon
WCB – Will Call Back
WEBA – Welcome Back
WET BACK – Illegal immigrant
WYB – Watch Your Back