BBT – What does it stand for?

I think that the most common meaning of BBT is “Baby Boy Toy”, though I guess “Branch Banking and Trust” would be preferred in some American regions like North Carolina. The “Baby Boy Toy” is a headless doll or mannequin who some individuals love to have sex with. Let’s take a look at a somewhat more unfamiliar BBT video, at Bryan’s Bass Test:

The BBT in the acronym “Baby Boy Toy” is generally at a younger age than that of the cougar using it or him. Having sex with a BBT is not including any sort of feelings or some intelligent conversation. After all, he or it is just a toy. Like in this example: “BBT can be fun, but just the toy is never enough.”

BBT is also frequently used for “Basal Body Temperature”. It is used for conceiving faster by determining the most fertile days in women. BBT charting helps to detect ovulation and it is inexpensive and relatively easy. Reproductive Endocrinologists and Gynecologists can recommend BBT charting to detect when ovulation happens to get an understanding of menstrual cycle patterns in women.

But if you look it up online, there are so many meanings of the acronym or abbreviation BBT but to be honest, I doubt the relevance of some of these abbreviations or acronyms, though I personally like the Big Black Tits and Big Boys Toys ones. All of these abbreviations are listed on the Internet! Here are the most common in alphabetical order:

The following are all commonly used BBT acronyms and abbreviations: 

Babraham Bioscience Technologies – United Kingdom
Baby Brother Tsinoy – Philipines
Baby Bullet Train
Bacon Basil and Tomato
Bad B*tch Twerk
Bad Block Table
Bahamas Business Travel
Bailey Bridge Transportable
Bakersfield Bit and Tool
Bakra Bhagaao Tehreek – India
Bakri Balloon Tamponade – Tool used for postpartum uterine bleeding reduction
Balanced Binary Trees
Baldwin Bait and Tackle – Michigan
Balkan Bulgarian Television
Ball Bearing Test
Bandar Bukit Tinggi – Township in Malaysia
Band Burning Timer
Bang Bang Tang – Music
Bang Bang Team – Gaming Clan
Bank of the Bahamas Trust
Bank of Bermuda Telecommunications
Barclays Bank Tanzania
Bare Board Test – Circuit Boards
Bars Beats Ticks
Basal Body Temperature
Basal Body Thermometer
Basal Breast Tumor
Bas Bleu Theatre – Fort Collins, Colorado
Base Board Test
Basic Broadcast Tier – Basic Cable
Batam Bintan Telekomunikasi – Jakarta, Indonesia
BattleBlock Theater – A comedy game by The Behemoth, published by Microsoft Studios Windows, Linux, Mac, and Xbox 360
BB&T Corporation – North Carolina
Beach Boys Tribute
Beaumont Bulk Terminal – Texas
Be Back Tomorrow
Behavior-Based Testing
Beijing Boom Tower – China
Beinn Bhreagh Telecom – Nova Scotia
Berg Balance Test
Berry Bigorre Trek – France, Resort
Berufsbildung & Technologie – Professional Education Technology, Switzerland
Best of British Television
Beta Battle Tournament
Better Blood Team
Beyond Basic Training – Software
Bhaktivedanta Book Trust – India
Big Bang Theory
Big Beautiful Teen
Big Bend Trench
Big Biz Tycoon – Gaming
Big Black Tits (or Titties) – like in “I Love BBTs”
Big Boys Toys
Big Brother Time
Big Brown Truck – Slang for UPS, United Parcel Service
Bim Bim Team – France, Sports Team
Binswanger Brooker Thailand
Biochemistry, Bio-Technology
Biologically Based Technologies
Biomedical and Biophysical Technology
Biosensor and Biomarker Technology
Birch Brook Trail – Canada
Birmingham Bloomfield Troy
Bit Block Transfer
Bitches Be Tripping
Biz Books Technical
Black Ball Transport, Inc.  – Port Angeles, Washington
Back Bay Technologies – Needham, Massachusetts
Black Berserker Trolls
Black Belt Test
Black Body Temperature
Black Box Testing – System Functionality
Black Box Theatre – Moline, Illinois
Black Bull Tools
Blei Bau Technik – Germany
Bloemfontein Botshabelo Thaba – South Africa
Blood Bank Talk
Blood Bank Technician
Blood Bank Technology
Blood Blade and Thruster
Blue Beach Team – Gaming Clan
Board to Board Testing
Boing Boom Tschak – Song
Boning Binding and Trim
Boom Boom Takerpic
Boomerang Bicycle Tours – Australia
Boot-Based Tool
Boral Building Technologies – Australia
Borletti Buitoni Trust – United Kingdom
Born Before Technology
Bosch Buderus Thermotechnik – Germany
Bossov Ballet Theatre – Pittsfield, Maine
Boston Baked Theatre
Boston Bull Terriers
Bottom Bracket Tool
Bourg en Bresse Triathlon – France, Bourg-en-Bresse
Box and Blocks test
Boyd Brothers Transportation – Clayton, Alabama
Brainiac Building Team
Branch Banking and Trust – various locations in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Branch Bias Table
Brandywine Ballet Theatre – West Chester, Pennsylvania
Brass Band de Toulouse – France, Toulouse
Break Bread Together
Brenner Base Tunnel – Railway Tunnel, Switzerland
Brethren Benefit Trust – Church of the Brethren financial ministries, Elgin, Illinois
Bright Beer Tank
Bristol Bay Times – United Kingdom
Broad-Based Training – United Kingdom
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel – New York
Brotherly Bath Time
Brown Boveri Technology – Switzerland
Browse by Title – index
Browser Based Terminal
Brunswick Bank Trust – New Brunswick, New Jersey
Brunswick Biomedical Technologies – West Wareham, Massachusetts
Bryans Bass Test
Bubble Bubble Tea
Buc Boxe Team Muay Thaï – France, Buc Muay Thai Boxing Team
Budget Based Transfer – US Army
Building Bridges Together – Australia
Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu – Japanese Martial Art, Ninjutsu
Bulkhead Branch Tee
Bulletin des BioTechnologies – France, Bio Technologies Bulletin
Bumble Bee Tuna
Burlington Bank and Trust – Iowa
Burmese Buddhist Temple
Businesses for Better Transit
Buteyko Breathing Technique
Butterfly Body Transform
Buying Business Travel
Byways and Bridleways Trust – United Kingdom