DA&E – What does it stand for?

It seems like the most common meaning of the acronym DAE or D.A.E. is “Dictionary of American English” though, as always, not everyone will agree. It can also stand for “Digital Audio Extraction”, the process of ripping or copying audio files from a DVD or CD. The following video shows you how to copy any DVD to your computer:

Like with so many abbreviations, there are numerous explanations of what the acronym DAE or DA&E can stand for. One of the common meanings is the following: “Does Anybody Else” like when you’d use it to say don’t thank us. YW! Another good example is: “DAE usually sit down if they pee?”
It is also a locally used Scottish word used in place of “DO”, like in “You’ve got to dae it right away and in Brazilian, dae is an expression used to say “how are you” or “hello”.

In Pakistan, DAE stands for a “Diploma of Associate Engineer”. This a 3-year post-secondary degree in a number of engineering disciplines such as civil engineering, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, biomedical engineering and so on.

DAE is also Christian rock band, a Yugoslavian documentary from 1979 film by Stole Popov, the IARA code for Daporijo Airport operated by the India Department of Atomic Energy, and the 3rd largest American timeshare exchange company.

Let’s take a look at what DAE or DA&E stands for. If you happen to know more explanation, please inform us! Here we go:

Dam(s) And Embankment(s)
Dansk Automat Expert – Danish
Data Access and Exchange
Data Access Engine
Data Access Europe
Data Access Evolution
Data Access Exception
Data Acquisition Electronics
Data Acquisition Engine – computing
Data Acquisition Equipment – Governmental, NASA
Data Acquisition External
Data Analysis Environment
Data Analyst Engineer
Data Audio Extraction
David Atkins Enterprises
Days After Emergence
Days After Emergency
Days After Exposure
De Asuntos Económicos Spanish
De-Assuntos-Especiais – Brazil
Decision-Aided Equalization
Decoupled Access Execute
Defense Acquisition Executive – Military, Governmental
Défibrillateur Automatisé Externe – French, Automated External Defibrillator
Défibrillation Entièrement Automatique – French
Defibrillatoro(i) Automatico(i) Esterno(i) – Italian
Degenerate Art Ensemble – performance company, Seattle, WA
Dental Abstracts en Español – Spanish language version of Dental Abstracts
Dental Assisting Education
Denver Alternative Energy
Departamento de Agua e Esgoto – Spanish
Departement d’Anthropologie et d’Ecologie – French
Department of Adult Education
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Department of Agricultural Economics
Department of Agricultural Engineering
Department of Agriculture Extension
Department of Anthropology and Ecology
Department of Applied Economics
Department of Applied Environment
Department of Architectural Engineering
Department of Atomic Energy – Governmental
Department of Atomic Energy – India, Governmental
Dept of Atomic Energy
Depth of Any Excavation
Dermal Absorption Efficiency
Des Affaires Externes – French
Description of the Anticipated Effects
Design Academy Eindhoven – Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Design and Analysis of Experiments
Design Approval Engineer
Designated Airworthiness Engineer
Details of Emoluments
Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Epidemiologie – German
Development of African Education
Development of the American Economy
Developmental and Adult Education
Diabecon Aqueous Extract
Dial an EMI
Dial An Exchange
Dial An Exchange – timeshare exchange
Dialysis-Associated Encephalopathy
Diamox asymmetry enhancement
Dictionaries And Encyclopedias
Dictionary of American English
Differential Absorption Experiment – Physics
Differential Algebraic Equation Science, Mathematics
Differential Algebraic Equation Systems
Differential Algebraic Equation(s)
Digidesign Audio Engine – Computing
Digital Agenda for Europe – EU
Digital Analog and Electrical
Digital Analog Extraction – Science, Electronics
Digital Antenna Electronics
Digital Art Exhibition
Digital Arts and Entertainment
Digital Asset Exchange
Digital Audio Editor
Digital Audio Engine – Computing
Digital Audio Extraction
Diploma Associate Engineer
Diploma in Associate Engineering
Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Diploma of Associate Engineering
Diploma of Associate Engineer
Dirección de Asuntos Económicos – Spanish
Dirección de Asuntos Estudiantiles – Spanish: Direction of Student Affairs
Direct Admission(s) Exercise – Singapore
Direct Alternatives Environment
Direction des Affaires Économiques – French: Directorate of Economic Affairs, New Caledonia
Direction des Affaires Européennes – French: Directorate for European Affairs
Director of Aerospace Education
Director(s) of Academic Engagement – Academic
Directorate of Adult Education
Directorate of Agriculture(al) Extension
Directorate of Atomic Energy
Directorate of Aeronautical Engineering
Directors of Aerospace Education
Directory Agricultural Engineering
Diritto Amministrativo Elettronico – Italian
Disaster Assistance Employee(s)
Disease-Associated Epitope
Disk Array Enclosure
distillate aromatic extract
Distributed Agent Environment
Distributed Application Environment
Distributed Automation Edition
Distribution Administration Executive
Diversified Advanced Education
Division of Academic Enhancement
DNA After Enrichment – Medical
Document Archive Environment
Does Anybody Else – Internet Slang
Does Anyone Else – Internet slang
Domestic Animal Endocrinology
Donors for/to African Education
Dorsal Acetabular Edge
Double Above Elbow – amputation
Doula Association of Edmonton – Canada
Downtown Anywhere Environmental
Dreams Are Empty
Dried Aqueous Extract
Driver Alcohol Education
Driving Air Embolism
Drugs to Avoid in Elderly
Dry Adsorbed Emulsion
Dual Acid-Etching
Dubai Aerospace Enterprise – Dubai, United Arab Emirate
Dummy Address Encoder
Dump Analysis (and) Elimination
Dynamic Anorectal Endosonography
Dynamic Asian Economics
Dynamic Asian Economy(ies)
Dynamic(s) Augmentation Experiment
Dysphoric Air Embolism