FDB – What does it stand for?

There are many meanings for the acronym FDB. The most found definitions are “First Databank”. First Databank, a subsidiary of Hearst Communications, provides products and services that are relevant in the pharmaceutical data context.

The company is creating and maintaining extensively used database products related to drugs, software to integrate drug databases, products for drug reference products, and a host of other relevant information related to pharmaceutical services.

Then “FDB File Format”. “FDB” is a relational database file extension that has Firebird software. An FDB file contains sets of records that are organized in a similar way as an SQL database. An FDB file may be opened by Firebird database software which is available in Windows, Linux, and Unix.

Additionally, “FDB” stands for “Fuck Dat Bitch”, a song by Young Dro, an American hip hop artist, from 2013. The song FDB was the lead single from his 2013 second studio album titled “High Times”.

But as usual, there are so many more definitions for the abbreviation. Let’s take a look at what it may mean and if you happen to know any more definitions, please inform us. Thank you.

F Dat B
Fachverband Deutscher Berufschorleiter
Fachvereinigung Deutscher Betonfertigteilbau
Facilities Database
Facility DataBase – Space
Faculdade de Direito de Bauru
Faculdade Dom Bosco
Fællesforeningen for Danmarks Brugsforeninger – Danish
Fahrenheit Dry Bulb – NASA
Failure Distance Biasing
Fair Dinkum Bargains – Australian Discount Store
familial Defective apo B100
Familial Defective Apolipoprotein B-100
Fan Drew Barrymore
Fashion Design Business
Fast Deposit Box
Fast Device Bus
Fast Doppler Block
Fast Double Bootstrap
Fat Data Block
Fat Dry Basis – Cheese
Father David Bauer
Favorite Dog Breeds
FDB First Data Bank
FDB Flexor Digitorum Brevis
FDB Forum for Democracy in Burma
Feather damaging behavior
Feature Data Block
Feature Database – technology, engineering
Federal DataBase – US Government
Feel Dat Beat
Femorodistal Bypass – Medical
Fermetures de Bâtiment – French, Building Closures
Fiber Demarcation Box
Fiber Distribution Box – Optic, Technology
Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast – Medical
Field Data Book
Field Descriptor Block
field distribution box – Science
Field Dynamic Braking
Fight Dem Back – Military, sexual
Fighter Dive Bomber
Fiji Development Bank
File Data Block
File Data Buffer
File Description Block
File Descriptor Block
File Directory Block
Film Deposit Box
Film Development Board
Filter DataBase
Final Denial Barrier – US Air Force
Final Distribution Board(s) – Technology
Financial DataBase
Financial Disclosure Branch – Government
Findlay Durham & Brodie
Fingal Development Board
Fire Document Box
Fire Down Below – Military
First Data Bank
First Deposit Bonus
Fisheries Development Board
Fizzy Drinks Bottle
Flamine De Bonvoisin
Flash Diffusion Business
Fleet Database – Military
Flexible Dollar Builder
Flexor Digitorum Brevis – Medical
Flight Data Block
Floating Dock Bermuda
Floor Disconnect Box
Floor Disconnect Bracket – Aircraft & Aviation
Flow Design Bureau – Government
Flower Design of Britain
Fludarabine – Medical
Fluid Dynamic Bearing(s) – Hard Disk Technology
Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts
Folkfestival Dranouter Belgium
Fondation Damien Belgique
Fonds de Dotation pour la Biodiversité – French: Endowment Fund for Biodiversity
Font DataBase
Font Definition Block – Macromedia Flash SWF file
Food and Drug Branch – Food & Nutrition
Food and Drugs Board – Ghana
Foodstuffs in Bulk
Force Development Branch
Force Discrimination Biosensor
Force(d) Draft Blower
Forenede DRAM Bryggere
Forensic Data Bank
Forestry Data Bank
Form Double Byte – Technology
Form Double Constant Byte
Formerly Doing Business
Formulation and Delivery of Bioactives
Forum for Democracy in Burma
Forwarding Data Base – Technology
Foster Design Build
Foundation Development Board
Foundation for Democracy in Burma
Fous du Bitume – French Community Club
Foxpro Discussion Board
Frederick Douglas Boulevard
Free DataBase
freeze-Dried Bone
French Darby Bible
fresh Donor Blood
Friends of Don Bosco
Friese Darts Bond – Netherlands
From Da Back – Sexual
Front Disc Brakes
Front Double Biceps
Frozen Dairy Bar
Frozen Deglycerolyzed Blood
Fuck Dat Bitch – Disaprovement
Fuck Dem Bitches – Disaprovement
Fuel Dissolution Basket
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Full Data Block(s) – Technology, Aviation
Full Debug Build
Full Depower Bar
Fully DataBase
Functional DataBase
Functional Description Block – Technology
Functional Description of the Battlespace – Technology
Functional Design Brief – Technology
Functions at the Definition of Blindness
Für das Bild
Fused Distribution Block
Futebol Do Brasil
Future Discretionary Benefits