JIT – What does it stand for?

There are quite a few definitions associated with the acronym JIT. The abbreviation is generally meaning “Job Instruction Training” or “Just In Time”, the financial Definition.

Just in time (JIT) in the financial and business world refers to an inventory management system or method where goods, materials, and labor are applied and scheduled to come to a production facility or are replenished at exactly the time when they are needed in any production process.

“Just In Time” or JIT works optimally for companies that use repetitive manufacturing methods and functions. Examples are small production facilities and hospitals, but other businesses and facilities might find JIT not feasible.

Let’s give you an example where Company X is a relatively small automobile manufacturer. On Wednesday, the plant assembles the chassis for the cars and on Friday, the workers assemble the windshield. In the Just In Time philosophy, Company X will have the chassis parts delivered exactly on Tuesday while the windshield will arrive on Thursday.

The idea of the JIT method is realizing decreased costs as only enough inventory is at hand to deal with immediate production requirements. The advantages are obvious as eliminating housing expenses and idle materials and lowering the costs of wasted space, defective products, overtime pay, extra equipment, scrap, and warranty repair will reduce the total cost considerably.

The consequence, however, will be that companies must be able to forecast demand very accurately. JIT systems encourage simplification, standardization, and efficient planning and will speed up the entire production process.

Today, in Pakistan, JIT as an abbreviation of “Joint Investigation Team” is a common word. The media hype around political situations has gained huge momentum as the term ‘JIT’ relates to the country’s investigation of the “Panama case”.

The Panama case resulted in establishing the JIT by the country’s Supreme Court to investigate allegations against Pakistan’s Prime Minister of Pakistan. In 2017, the JIT reported to Pakistan’s Supreme Court leading to PM Nawaz Sharif’s resignation.

In modern-day slang, Jit is another word for “youngsta”, KID, or young gangster, especially in South Florida. An example is: “Today, all these Jits have taken over the hood”. JIT can also stand for “Juvenile In Training” referring to juveniles who don’t know yet how to behave or act right and still need a lot of training. Example: “Most of those young jit’s there say shit without knowing what it means or stands for!”

The slang word “jit” originated in prison. It means merely someone younger than you. Usually, however, the term is referring to young punks, thugs, or other weird gangster-like youth.  You definitely wouldn’t call your 11-year-old nephew a jit. As an example: “Don’t leave your car in that street, then damn jits will surely rob your spinners.

So a “Jit” is a youngster, generally aged in the range 12 to 15, machos who think they are much older and cooler than they are in reality. They often are found in groups of 5 to 10 at your local movie theater on Friday nights or at the mall.

You can easily spot a jit. The girls usually wear far too much makeup, have fake designer purses, and wear clothes that don’t fit them correctly. The boys usually wear “gangster” clothes though it may be well possible that they’re young, white, rich kids.

Example: “There were at least twenty jits around when I walked through the Mall today” or “My God, this place was always so great to hang out…now it’s being overrun by jits!” Today, Jit can also mean cannabis or marijuana, and Jit is also used for semen.. Example: “She looked away as she had jit all across her face”.

So you see, there are so many explanations for the abbreviations for JIT or Jit but this is not all. Just check out the following list to learn more about possible applications and explanations for JIT:

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Jahangirabad Institute of Technology
Jaipur Institute of Technology – Education
Jalandhar Improvement Trust
Jansons Institute of Technology
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Japan Internet Technologies
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Java Interpretation And Translation – Computing
JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit – Java, Technology
Jawaharlal Institute of Technology – India
Jayalakshmi Institute of Technology – India
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Jeddah Inqilabi Tehreek – Pakistan Labor Party
Jeppesen Integration Toolkit
Jeppiaar Institute of Technology – India
Jhulelal Institute of Technology – India
Jindal Institute of Technology – India
Jinling Institute of Technology – China
Jit In Toyota
Job In Trouble
Job Information Table – Technology
Job Information Test – Military
Job Institute Technique
Job Institute Training
Job Instruction Training – Management
Job Instructional Training
Jobs Investment Trust
Joint Implementation Team – Technology, Aviation
Joint Improvement Team – Healthcare
Joint Individual Training
Joint Inspection Team
Joint Integration Team
Joint Intelligence Technical – Pakistan, Military
Joint Intelligence Training – Technology
Joint Interest Test – Military
joint interface test – Science
Joint Intermodal Terminal
Joint Interoperability Test(ing) – Military
Joint Interoperability Tool – Technology
Joint Interrogation Team – Pakistan
Joint Investigation Team – Government
Joliet Intermodal Terminal
Journal of Industrial Technology – Technology
Journal of Industrial Textiles
Journal of Information Technology – Research, Education
Journal of Internet Technology – Taiwan
Journal on Information Technology
Journey In Time
Journeyman Instructor Training – Employment, Technology
Jubilee Investment Trust
Jury In Tow – Legal
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Just In Time – Technology, Supply Chain
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