KPI – What does it stand for?

As usual, there are several meanings for the abbreviation PKI. Probably the most common is “Key Performance Indicator”, used in business.

A Key Performance Indicator is a value to measure the effectiveness of a company to achieve its main business objectives. Businesses and organizations are using KPIs at different levels to measure and evaluate how successful they are in reaching set targets.

High-level Key Performance Indicators generally center on a business’ overall performance whereas low-level Key Performance Indicators usually center on processes and effectiveness in departments like production, marketing, support, HR, and others.

It happens often that organizations and businesses adopt industry-standard KPIs blindly and later wonder why it is that the KPI is not reflecting their business and doesn’t bring some positive change.

Well, an important yet frequently overlooked aspect of a KPI is that it is a type of communication. KPIs abide by the same best practices and rules as any other type of communication and relevant and clear information and communication are more likely to be acted upon and absorbed.

When you want to develop a strategy to formulate your organization’s KPIs, you and your staff should realize what it is that your organization wants to achieve. You should start with the objectives, how you think you can achieve them, and who within your organization will act upon this information.

This process involves feedback from department heads, analysts, and managers and as your fact-finding journey unfolds, chances are you’ll have a far better understanding of which business process is relevant for measuring with a KPI dashboard and to decide on whom the outcomes should be shared with. Check out as well the following list of abbreviations that are used in the world:

Kabataang-Pilipino, Inc
Kallikrein-Protease Inhibitor – Medical
Kaltim Parna Industri – Jakarta, Indonesia
Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries – Uganda
Kamusi Project International
Kansas Policy Institute – Government
Kapit, Malaysia – Airport Code
Karnofsky Performance Index – Medical
Kartu Pekerja Indonesia
Kartu Penunjukan Istri
Katalysis Partnership, Inc. – Non-profit
Kaunas Polytechnic Institute
Kauno Politechnikos Instituto – Lithuania
Kawasan Perhatian Investasi – Indonesia
Kawasan Peruntukan Industri – Indonesia
Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries
Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industry
Kebaktian Penyegaran Iman – Song
Keep Punishing Illness
Keep Putting It
Keeping People Involved
Kelachandra Plywood Industries
Kementerian Pembangunan Infrastruktur
Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc
Kepanduan Putera Indonesia
Kepurun Pawana Indonesia
Keratoconus Prediction Index
Kernel Programming Interface – Computer
Kesatuan Pelaut Indonesia
Key Pad Interface
Key Party Indicator – Defines the quality of a party
Key Performance Indicator(s)
Key Performance Ideas
Key Performance Identification
Key Performance Index
Key Performance Indication
Key Person Insurance
Key Person Interviews
Key Person of Influence
Key Persons Index
Key Pieces of Information
Key Point Indicator
Key Point Installation – Government
Key Points Indicators
Key Power Inc
Key Power International
Key Private Infrastructure
Key Process Index
Key Process Indicator(s)
Key Process Information
Key Process Input
Key Production Indicators
Key Productivity Indicator(s)
Key Progress Indicators
Key-Performance-Indikatoren – Germany
KG-84 Phone Interface
Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute
Khulna Polytechnic Institute
Kids Play International
Kiev Polytechnic Institute – Ukraine
Kiewit Power Inc – Omaha, Nebraska
Killearn Properties, Inc
Kinase and Phosphatase Interaction
King Pacific International – Australia
King Penn Industries
King Pin Inclination – Vehicle Steering Geometry Angle
King Prajadhipok’s Institute – Thailand
Kinship Permanency Incentive
Klub Perpustakaan Indonesia
Knight Paranormal Investigation – Pennsylvania
Knightsbridge Plastics Inc
Knowledge in the Public Interest
Knowledge Partners International – Technology
Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia
Komisi Pekabaran Injil
Komisi Penyiaran Independent
Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia
Komisi Perempuan Indonesia
Komite Penyiaran Indonesia
Kompetisi Pariwisata Indonesia
Kompressor Petrol Injection
Komunikasi Penyiaran Islam – Bandung, Indonesia
Komunitas Pecinta Iguana
Komunitas Pelajar Indonesia
Komunitas Pengusaha Indonesia
Kongres Perempuan Indonesia
Kontsumorako Prezioen Indizea – Bask, San Sebastian, Spain
Koperasi Pembiayaan Indonesia
Korea Policy Institute
Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute
Kralyevich Productions Inc
Kritische Prestatie Indicatoren – Dutch
Krungthai Panich Insurance – Thailand
Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia
Kunitz proteinase inhibitor – Medical
Kuroshio Position Index
Kuwait Petroleum International
Kuwait Polyurethane Industry
Kyiv Polytechnical Institute – Ukraine
Kyokuto Petroleum Industries, Ltd. – Japan