LCON – What does LCON stand for?

What does LCON stand for? Well, there are several explanations for LCON. We think the most common is the University of Memphis’ Loewenberg College of Nursing, but there is more. Let’s take a closer look:

LCON – Loewenberg College of Nursing. RN to BSN Online Degree Program provided by The Loewenberg College of Nursing at The University of Memphis. This nationally-ranked BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) program from LCON provides students with the skills, competencies, and competitive edge to be successful in the demanding healthcare industry. At LCON, students can earn their BSN degree in just 12 months!

LCON – Local Contact (in Telecommunications Contacts). Not every location requires a site survey. For example, Verizon may determine the applicability of any site survey. In case site surveys are required, Verizon staff contact with the LCON (Local Contact). The LCON needs to be familiar with the required services and the site and be in a position to provide access.

LCON – Louisville Coalition Neighborhoods (established in Louisville, KY, in 2002). This is a non-profit, grassroots, organization of Kentucky neighborhoods with the aim to promote, enhance, and ensure the social, physical, cultural, economic, and environmental development of neighborhoods in the Louisville/Jefferson County metropolitan area. The organization’s members include local government and neighborhood representatives, committed volunteers, and many more.

LCON – Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, remember that guy?

LCON – a company based in Belgium (12 Marienhovedreef, Jabbeke)

LCON – a company based in the Netherlands (Handelsweg 8, Lemelerveld)

L CON – Recording Artist. See this official video for “Try” from “Insecurities in Being” (released on Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings in 2018.

LCON – Lisa Conway. This refers to the Toronto-based ever-evolving avant-garde pop project of sonic adventurer Lisa Conway. Lisa’s recordings have been characterized as “experimental, ethereal, unnerving, minimalist, and downright elegant as well”.  Lisa was raised in Northern BC and was already nominated for a Folk Music Award at a time that she wasn’t even allowed to have a drink in a bar.

Lisa Conway has been quietly producing, writing, recording, and releasing her inspiring music for quite some time and she has worked with dancers, filmmakers, and performance artists. In 2013, Lisa received a professional development grant from the Canadian Council of the Arts which allowed her to earn a Masters in Sonic Arts Degree from Queen’s University in Belfast and she graduated with distinction!

LCON Pfeifer Fixing Bracket System – The LCON PFEIFER fixing bracket system is efficient and safe. The new LCON brackets are perfect for load- bearing connections between concrete elements. Just screwing brackets and corresponding toothed washers to anchoring elements results in an immediate and secure load-bearing connection.

LCON-1 and LCON-2 are interface modules. LCON-1 is a fiber optic converter and LCON-2 is a fiber optic branch-T coupler.

LCON – Liga dos Consoles

LCON – London Clinical Oxygen Network. This network has come up with various documents to support clinicians in London and across the world in their efforts to improve their management, planning, and assessment of oxygen services in order to improve outcomes and reduce risk and waste.

LCON – Tincture from Butterfly Expressions. This tincture is pretty hot due to the amount of Cayenne and Horseradish used. It works well for persons suffering from strong strains of bacteria and viruses that we’ve seen lately.

LCON – A Brasilian company established in 2004. The company is based in Florianopolis, Brasil, and regarded as a pioneer in developing unique service concepts and organizing conferences, corporate events, seminars, graduations, exhibitions, and lectures and graduations.

LCON – Low Carbon Oxford North. LCON organizes practical action to fight climate change and helps people in the North Oxford area to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint. LCON is committed to the reduction of North Oxford carbon emissions and to reach that goal effectively, the organization relies heavily on the generosity and support of local residents.