LOC – What does LOC stand for?

One of the most found explanations of the acronym or abbreviation LOC is “Line of Credit” while in the medical environment it usually is an abbreviation of “Loss of Consciousness” or “Level of Consciousness”. But, as usual, there are numerous other meanings to be found, just check out the list below.

“Line of Credit” is the financial definition of LOC.  This is a standing amount of credit that the customer of a bank may have available at any given time. A financial LOC (Line of Credit) may be called a revolving credit as well. So a line of credit (LOC) is a set amount of money, like a loan, that the bank is extending to the customer. The following video explains a lot:

The bank’s customer may draw upon the line of credit, provided the amount doesn’t exceed the LOC’s limit. The customer needs to pay back the borrowed amount on the LOC within a specific timeframe and at a specific interest rate. Unlike loans, only the actual money drawn on the LOC is charged with interest. To give you an example, if a customer has a $30k LOC but draws just $10k, he is charged interest only on the $10k.

But there are more meanings. As an adjective, LOC can also take the meaning if “uncool”, or displeasing, like “lack of coolness.” Here is an example sentence: “I don’t feel like going to that loc dance party tonight” or “That girl is so loc”. In this sort of meanings, LOC compares to poor, bad, common, sucks, and generally displeasing. LOC can also refer to a crazy individual, a shortened way of saying “loco”.

As a noun, LOC can also stand for “gangster” and have a similar meaning as criminal or hooligan. LOC can, usually in street race locations, be the informal and shortened form of “location” like in “Do you feel like coming with me scouting some good locs for next week’s ride?” We can also see LOC used in ComicBase. In this environment, LOC stands for “Letter of Comment” when someone of name writes a letter to the comic and they publish it in that issue.

But there are also a few more commonly used meanings of the abbreviation LOC. Just check out Library of Congress, League of Champions, Learning Opportunity Center, Leave of Court, Letter of Compliance, Letter of Commendation, Line of Control, Lost Opportunity Cost, or Low Operating Cost, just to mention a few. Here we go with LOC explanations:

Lab on a Chip
Labuan Online Community – Internet
Lack of Coolness
Lake Ontario Counties – Rochester, New York
Lakeland Orienteering Club – Sports
Lamb of Christ
LAN Operations Center
Lancaster Outreach Center
Lance Oxygen Cutting – Welding
Land of Chocolate – Band
Land of Confusion
Large Optical Cavity
Lateral Occipital Complex – Medical
Lateral Orbitofrontal Cortex
Launch Operations Center
Launch Operations Complex – Governmental, NASA
Laxative of Choice
Lead On Chip
League of Champions
League of Oregon Cities
League Online Community – National League of Cities
Learning Opportunity Center
Learning outside the Classroom
Leave in Oil Cream
Leave of Court – Governmental, Law & Legal
Left of Center – Charlottesville, Virginia
Left Outer Canthus
Leftover Crack – Band
Legacy of Clean
Legend of Crystals – Science Fiction
Legionnaires Of Christ
Legions of Chaos – Science Fiction
Lemoyne-Owen College – Memphis, Tennessee
Length of Combat – Governmental, Military
Length of Confinement
Length of Cut  – Measurement
Length of Curve – Stress Metric
Lesbians of Color
Letter of Collection
Letter of Commendation
Letter of Compliance
Letter of Concern – Governmental, Law & Legal
Letter of Conditions
Letter of Confirmation
Letter of Consent
Letter of Counsel
Letter Of Counseling – Governmental, Military
Letter of Credit
Letter of notification of personnel Clearance
Letter(s) of Comment – Governmental, Business
Level of Care
Level of Concern
Level Of Consciousness – Medical
Level of Operational Capability
Lexus Owners Club
Liam O’Connor
Library of California
Library of Congress – Governmental
License of Occupation
Life of Company
Life of Crime – Game
Lifetime Of Conflict – Science, Psychology
Liga Obrera Comunista – Spanish
Light of Christ
Limited Operational Capability
Limiting Oxidant Concentration
Lincoln Orthopaedic Center
Lind of Control
Line of Communication(s) – Governmental, Military
Line of Control – Governmental, Police
Line of Convenience
Line of Coverage – Insurance
Line of Credit
Line Out Converter – Science, Electronics
Lines of Code  – Software Development
Lines of Communication
Liquid Oil and Cream
Liquid Organic Cleaner – Amway
List of Contributors
Live from Oujda City – Music
Live Oil Content
Livingston Oakland Counties
Loan Origination Center
Local Operator Console
Local Optical Committee
Local Organizing Committee
Local Oversight Committee – Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Localizer – Instrument Flying
Location – Governmental, Transportation
Locative – Vestigial Latin Case
Lockout Chamber
Loco Or Crazy
Locus of Control
LOCuzione – Italian
Logic of Constraints
Logical Output Channel
Logistics Operations Center
Logistics Operations Center – Governmental, Military
London Offshore Consultants
London Open College
Loop Online Control
Lord of Chaos – Book 6, Wheel of Time
Lords of Crabula – Gaming
Loss of Carrier
Loss of Cell – Delineation, ATMF
Loss of Channel – Cisco
Loss of Clock – DSC
Loss of Consciousness – Medical
Loss of Containment
Loss of Continuity – Sprint
Loss of Contrast – Computing
Loss of Control
Lost Opportunity Cost – Business
Love of Color
Love of Crip
Love Of Crips
Loving Our Community
Low Operating Cost
Low Organic Carbon
Low Overhead Cipher – Cyber & Security
Lower Oesophageal Contractility – British Medicine
Lower Order Concern  – Writing
Lowest Outgoing Channel
Lunar Orbit Capture
Lynn Operations Center