LOML – What does it stand for?

LOML stands for Love Of My Life

LOML is an acronym for “Love of my life”, It refers to a soulmate and is pronounced “Lom-El”. It is referred to as OTLOML as well which stands for “One True Love Of My Life”. To give you an example: Jody has been my sweetheart since high school. We married right after college. She really is my LOML. Listen to Brian May sing live: Love of my life:

When we use the term LOML literally, the acronym is synonymous with “soul mate.” People describing their spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé(e), wife, or husband as their “LOML” basically want to say that that person is the love of their lives. That’s the one they wish to spend what’s left of their lives with.

However, the term LOML may also be used in a sarcastic way. This, of course, is very useful if you want to bring some humor into a normal conversation. You may sarcastically call something or someone their “LOML” when they have a deep admiration for something or really like something about another person.

I’ll give you a few examples of how to use “LOML”

Person 1: Well my friend, I think Debbie might be the real one. I really think she might be the LOML.
Person 2: Well my friend, give it some time. You’ve been dating her only for a month!

This example demonstrates how Person 1 uses LOML in a literal way to describe Debbie as his soul mate. Person 1 is head over heels in love with Debbie that he refers to her as his LOML. Person 2 is reminding him, though, that he needs more than just one month to reach that kind of conclusion.

One more example:

Person 1: Wanna do a movie this Friday night at my place?
Person 2: Super! I have Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!!!
Person 1: OMG, you’ll be my LOML if you’d bring that!!!

In this example, person 1 is using LOML in a non-literary or sarcastic way. We may assume that the friends are not romantically related. Person 1 is exaggerating his admiration for person 1 by using the term LOML when he finds out there will be ice cream on the movie night.

I’ll give you another example.

An Instagram photograph shows a really cute puppy dog captioned: “LOML”

In this example, LOML is used metaphorically or sarcastically. In social media posts, this is common as opposed to chat or text conversations. The Instagrammer who posted the picture of the puppy may really love that puppy affectionately but generally, people will not consider animals as their soul mates in a romantic way. This means the expression should not be taken literally.


OTLOML is another way of the same term of LOML. This stands for “One True Love Of My Life” and has exactly the same meaning as LOML or soul mate. The added words at the phrase’s beginning, however, gives the expression more emphasis. The acronym LOML is great to be used sarcastically or metaphorically to bring some extra humor to casual conversations or social media posts. LOML is the common acronym for “Love Of My Life” on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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