MBFN – What does this stand for?

What does MBFN stand for? These sort of acronyms, or abbreviations, are common in Online Jargon, often also called Text Message Shorthand. These acronyms are used in email, texting, online chat, blogs, instant messaging, and news postings.

These abbreviations are also referred to as Chat Acronyms. We know several definitions for the acronym or abbreviation MBFN, so here we go.

Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria – This is the most-used expression and commonly accepted in Nigeria.

Must Be Fucking Nice – Johnny has next week off because of not-used sick days. Earlier this year, he’s already used all of his vacation days. MBFN.

Must Be Fucking Nice – My best friend and her girlfriend just made it 2 years. MBFN.

Muscle-Based Food Network – Used in the food and nutrition industry.

Multiple Beam Forming Network – Used in the military, electronic, and warfare industries.

Maryland Bass Federation Nation – For an Anglers Organization in Maryland.

Zanzy Entertainment unveiled 2018 MBFN Winner

Zanzy Entertainment, Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria (MBFN) pageants and Mr. Tourism Nigeria organizers have unveiled the MBFN 2018 winner of their highly-coveted pageant on Monday, June 3, 2018.

CEO Zanzy Entertainment Chuks Anusionwu, speaking at the event, said that the idea for the pageant (this year in its 5th edition) came from his desire to encourage young women to value and respect themselves and to appreciate themselves at all times as not just physically beautiful, but also as persons of great intellect and beautiful character.

The 2018 MBFN edition’s theme was “Beauty Gives Back” and in total, q5 contestants gave their utmost to impress the judges and the crowds with the ultimate goal of wearing the crown.