What’s plane-meanings, definitions, synonyms

Usually, synonyms of “plane” are (when used as adjectives referring to nouns): flat, even, smooth, and level. In general, these words refer to things that have bendless surfaces, no curves, and no irregularities.

We can say that “plane” applies to any imaginary or real flat surface. “Plane” is not only used as an adjective or adverb. We can also use it as a noun or a verb.

Other words for “plane” are flat; even; plain; flush; smooth; regular; planate; uniform.

Antonyms of “plane” are changing; abnormal; different; broken; extraordinary; irregular; inconsistent; rough; uneven; uncommon; vertical; upright.

Meaning and definitions of “plane”

[noun] – an aircraft that has fixed wings and is powered by jets or propellers; “our flight was delayed as there was some issue with the airplane”
[noun] – a hand tool carpenters use that has an adjustable blade to smooth or shape wood; “our cabinetmaker was using a plane to finish the work”
[noun] – a power tool carpenters use for shaping or smoothing wood
[noun]- in mathematics: a two-dimensional, unbounded shape; “we call the planes of graphs X-Y planes”; “all lines that join two points on planes lie entirely on those planes”
[noun] – a level development or existence; “they were living on worldly planes”
[adj] – having horizontal surfaces in which there is no part lower or higher than any other; “flat desks”; “level farmland”; “plane surfaces”
[verb] – cutting slices; “The machine planed (shaved off) thin layers from pieces of wood”
[verb] – making smooth or even; as with carpenter’s planes
[verb] – travel on, or over the water surface

Synonyms of “plane”

  • airplane
  • airliner
  • jet
  • ship
  • airship
  • spaceship
  • aeroplane
  • glider
  • straighten
  • airbus
  • craft
  • bird
  • carpenter’s plane
  • flat, smooth
  • even
  • level
  • flatten
  • planing machine
  • planer
  • shave
  • skim
  • sheet
  • woodworking plane

The definition of “plane” in Science?

In Science, planes are geometrical surfaces (real or imaginary) in which a straight line between two points in/on that plane lies entirely within that surface. In mathematical terms, a plane is a 2-dimensional, flat surface that is extending infinitely far. A plane is a surface that contains each straight line that connects any 2 points on it.

The definition of a “plane” in woodworking

In woodworking, the definition of “plane” is the tool that’s used to remove wood for creating flat surfaces. For example in this sentence: The woodworker used a plane for smoothing the sides of our bathroom door to make it close more easily and better. You can also use “plane” as a verb, for example, in this sentence: He planed off the rough edges on the board.

“Plane” should not be confused with “Plain”

The definition of “plain” in Geography

In Geography, plains are flat expanses of usually treeless land that, in general, don’t change a lot in elevation. Plains occur mostly as flat lowlands along valleys but we see them also at the base of mountain ranges, as uplands or plateaus, or as coastal plains.