POCH – What does it stand for?

The word POCH is used as both a noun and a verb. There aren’t that many meanings of the word or the abbreviation “poch”. In today’s language, it can stand for T-bagging and it’s also used in a derogatory way to describe a tool or a douche bag. In the Lesbian world, Poch is often used as a term of endearment to another lesbian like in “Hey poch, I’ve got a boyfriend too, but I’m a lesbian just like you”.

As in T-bagging: “Barry and I were making love last night and when I got him totally in a lock, I could have poched him entirely (putting his scrotum in the mouth)”. One more example: “There was no need for the cop to come so close to me when he had pulled me over for speeding. He could have totally poched me from so close”. In texting, “poch” is used meaning pooch.

But there are a few more meanings. Poch, Pochspiel, or Pochen (Poque in French) is an old card game that dates back to the 1440s in Strasbourg, France. Poch is one of Poker’s forerunners that was developed during the 19th century in America. I think the etymological relationship is obvious and in France, there are more card games related to Poch, namely Nain Jaune and Glic and in England, there is Pope Joan.

In the music world, “Poch” and “Pochettino” stand for “little” (like Poco, which is more usual) or “very little”. Pochettino is the diminutive of “poco”, little.

In architecture, POCH refers to areas of architectural plans or sections that are already filled-in, usually by solid blacks or cross-hatching to show, for example, floor or wall thicknesses, or any other solid area that intersects that section cut plane. Then, of course, there’s also the obvious abbreviation POCH for Post Office Central Headquarters.

In some philosophies, people with the name “Poch” may have exceptionally clever minds, well-rounded business judgment, a great sense of responsibility, and a great appreciation of the good things of life. So let’s see what POCH or Poch can stand for:

Poch – solid black in architecture
Poch – Daer
Poch – Card Game
Poch – Tool
Poch – Douche Bag
Poch – swallow entirely
Poch – Poco, in music
Poch – Polarized Ochkur, Science, Chemistry
Poch – Programa Operacional Capital Humano, Portugal
POCH – Post Office Central Headquarters