PPP – What does PPP stand for?

Just like with practically all acronyms, PPP comes with lots of different meanings and applications, depending on the social and/or professional playing field. Let’s take a look at a few common meanings of PPP:

In Economics, PPP generally stands for “Purchasing Power Parity”. This is a popular economic theory in which the currencies of different countries are compared via a specific “basket of products/goods”. In the “Purchasing Power Parity” concept, two different currencies are at par or in equilibrium when that basket of specific goods is priced identical in the two countries when the exchange rate is taken into account.

PPP in the meaning of “Public-Private Partnership”. In our modern-day world, PPP is a model to fund public infrastructure projects like airports, power plants, or telecommunications systems. The government is the public partner at the national, state, or local level whereas private partners may be privately-owned businesses, public corporations, or business consortiums with specific expertise.

In Business, the acronym PPP has the meaning of “People, Process, and Product”. This theory states that the approach to Quality Management should always be holistic. People, Process, and Product are the 3 essential elements of the quality system of any company. All three key elements should be focused on if a company wants to gain overall performance improvements.

In the Medical World, PPP is the abbreviation of “palatopharyngoplasty”, a surgical technique for the resection of non-necessary oropharyngeal and palatal tissue to open up a patient’s airways. The technique is applied to cure patients of extreme snoring.

In the world of music, P represents “piano”, and I don’t mean the instrument, but the soft dynamic. Pianissimo is represented by “PP”, meaning very soft, while “PPP” stands for pianississimo (very very soft).

In the computing environment, PPP stands for Point-to-Point Protocol. This is an efficient method to send information between several computers on one network that uses an Internet-connected modem. If you’re employed in a specific field, you may think that your application of PPP is the most important one, and indeed it is, in your world! But there are so many different meanings that it is hard to say which meaning comes first. Just take a look at the following list. Doesn’t this surprise you? Here are some meanings for the acronym PPP and we didn’t make any up, it’s all found online at some point:

Pagan Pride Project
Pakistan Peoples Party
Palatopharyngoplasty – Medical
Pale Porcelain Princess – Beauty/Makeup Slang
Paléontologie, Phylogénie et Paléobiologie – French
Palestinian People’s Party
Palestinian Public Perceptions
Pälkäneen Putki Ja Puhallin – Finland
Parallels Power Panel – Software
ParaParaParadise – Dance Simulation Game
Parent Partnership Program
Parentes Pii Posuerunt – Latin, Pious Parents Have Built, Epigraphy
Parish Pastoral Plan
Parlamentarisches Patenschaftsprogramm – Germany
Partai Persatuan Pembangunan – United Development Party, Indonesia
Partenariats Publique-Privé – French, Public-private Partnerships, Quebec
Parti Populaire des Putes – French, Popular Party of Prostitutes, Canada
Parti Progresif Penduduk – Malaysia
Partial Parity Protection
Partial Path Protection
Participatory Planning Process
Participium Perfectum Passivum – Latin
Participle Perfect Passive – Grammar
Partido del Poder del Pueblo – Spanish
Partido Popular Português
Partnerstwa Publiczno Prywatnego – Polish, Public-Private Partnership
Party Puff People – Swedish Band
Passenger Protection Program – Airline Industry
Passive Periphrastic
Pay Per Performance
Payment Protection Plan – Credit Card Insurance Program
Peak Pulse Power
Pearly Penile Papules – Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalis
Peleliu Pacific Partnership – Humanitarian Assistance Mission
Pen, Paint & Pretzels
Pentose Phosphate Pathway – Sugar Metabolism
Penultimate Profit Prospect
People Power Party- Political Party, Thailand
People Process, and Product
People, Places & Plants
People’s Progressive Party – Guyana
Per Pay Period
Percent Perfect Performance
Perfect Passive Participle
Perfect Prom Project
Performance Protection Plan – Product Performance
Peripheral Pulses Palpable
Personal Pension Plan – United Kingdom
Personnel Performance Profile
Personnel Protective Equipment
Peter Pan Pool
Philosophy Politics and Psychology
Pianississimo – Music, Very Soft Volume
Pier Paolo Pasolini – Italian director, 1922-1975
Pilot Production Program
Pilot Proficiency Program – Safety
Ping, Pipe, and Power – Web Hosting, Data Center Slang
Pink Paula Pack – Firefox Theme
Pirkka-Pekka Petelius – Finnish Comedian
Piss Poor Planning
Piss Poor Protoplasm
Pixels par Pouce – French, Dots per Inch
Pixma Photo Printer – Canon
Plan Particulier de Protection – French, Individual Protection Plan
Plan Puebla Panamá – Spanish
Plano Plurianual – Portuguese, Multi-Year Plan, Brazil
Plant Protection Product
Platelet-Poor Plasma
Platinum Pied Pipers – Band
Plus Proche Parent – French, Next of Kin, Canada
Point Protocol Problem
Points per Possession – Sports
Point-to-Point Protocol – Internet
Poker Player Posse
Pole Pedal Paddle – Sporting Event
Policies, Plans, and Programs
Policies, Programs, and Projects
Policy, Plan, and Program
Polluter Pays Principle
Pollution Prevention Plan
Pollution Prevention Program
Polska Partia Pracy – Polish Labor Party
Pontos por Polegada – Portuguese, Dots per Inch
Popularly Positioned Products – Nestlé
Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna – Polish, Psychological and Educational Clinic
Porcine Pleuropneumonia
Porcine Pneumonic Pasteurellosis
Portable Phoenix Project
Pose, Pause, Pounce – Teaching Strategy
Positive Parenting Program
Possession of Paraphernalia
Potter Puppet Pals – Website
Poultry Processing Plant
Power Plant Posse
Power Play Points – Hockey
Power Projection Platform
PowerPoint Presentation
Practice Practice Practice
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan
Precio Promedio Ponderado – Spanish, Weighted Average Price
Preferred Provider Program
Pre-fragmented Programmable Proximity
Pre-Laboratory Preparation Period
Premier Partner Program
Premium Paintball Products
Premium Payment Plan (various organizations)
Premium Personal Password
Premium Price Policy
Preparation for the Professions Program – Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Prepare, Prime, Paint
Prepayment Penalty
Prepositioned Procurement Package
Presbyterian Peacemaking Program
Presence, Posture, and Profile
Preservation, Packaging, and Packing
Press Photographers of the Philippines
Pretty Pretty Pease
Primary Prevention Project – Clinical Study
Priority Placement Program
Private Placement Program – Banking
Privatization Planning Panel
Processes, Procedures, and Policies
Prodrive Performance Pack – Subaru
Product Planning Process -Project Management
Product Program Proposal
Product Protection Plan
Professional Protector Plan – Dental Liability Insurance
Program Protection Plan
Programa Primeiros Projetos – Portuguese, First Projects Program, Brazil
Programmable Power Processor
Progressive People’s Party
Prohibited Personnel Practices
Project, Program, and Portfolio – Management Process
Projected Promotion Potential
Projects, Plans, and Policy
Prominent Point Processing
Protocolo Punto a Punto – Spanish, Point-to-Point Protocol
Provincial Parliamentary Programme – South Africa
Public Papers of the Presidents
Public Participation and Petitions – South Africa
Public Player Program (- Golf Initiative, Canada
Public-Private Partnership
Pueblo Panama Plan
Puff Puff Pass
Pulse Power Protection
Puntos Por Pulgada – Spanish, Dots Per Inch
Purchasing Power Parity
Purdue Pesticide Programs – Indiana
Pure Power Plant – Marijuana Strain
Pusan Promotion Plan – South Korea
Push Pull Power
Pyramid Plate People – Food Hogging