TAAW – What does it stand for?

On this page, we’ll take a look at some different explanations of what the acronym TAAW stands for. The first few listed are probably the most referred to explanations but, as you can see, there is more.

Trance Atlantic Air Waves – A musical project of Michael ‘Enigma’ Cretu. Enigma is a German band but actually, it is a solo-project by Romanian artist Michael Cretu. Trance Atlantic Air Waves released just one album, The Energy of Sound (1998) on the Virgin label.

Time And A Word – Album by British rock band YES. This album is the second album by the English rock band (1970) on the Atlantic label. “Time And A Word” was recorded just a few months after their debut album “YES” was released.

“Time And A Word” is the band’s least successful album and here, they tried to put on a more sophisticated sound by using orchestral arrangements. “Time And A Word” features highly animated, bold performances by Chris Squire, Tony Kaye, and drummer Bill Bruford, accompanied by the intriguing, light vocals of Jon Anderson.

YES started out in 1968 with original songs and covers of blues, jazz, rock, and pop songs as is shown on the band’s first two LPs. In 1970, a major change of direction led to a number of highly successful albums of “progressive rock”. The band’s most successful albums were “The Yes Album”-1969, “Fragile”-1971), and “Close to the Edge”-1972. YES disbanded 1981.

Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers – The TAAW offers federal assistance and compensation to workers separated from jobs because their jobs were moved abroad or increased imports. The main elements of the TAAW program are income support and funds for training workers toward new employment. The TAAW program falls under the responsibility of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

More meanings of and explanations for the acronym TAAW:

Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Week – Archeology
Target Audience Analysis Work – Government
Target Audience Analysis Worksheet – Government
TAAW is also used as a first name in Brasil like in “Taaw Silva” and as a common family name in the Philippines as in “Daniw Ballasiw Taaw”

TAAW – Taaw Tow Hill is found in Skidegate, British Columbia, Canada. It is a stunningly beautiful and magical place that offers much to see. The Taaw Tow Hill boardwalk is accessible for all and features benches and several interpretive displays. The boardwalk will lead you to Kwahtsiisda through a wonderful green rainforest that’s alive with the typical smells, sights, and sounds that only rainforests can yield.

TAAW – is also found in Native American expressions like “Gii-taaw’igaang” in the Waasnoode (Northern Lights) festival “Gii-taaw’igaang & Ninjii-daamnawinan.” This is a  New Year’s Eve Round Dance and Hand Games festival organized by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

We can also find TAAW (as “Taaw”) in the fiction book Niiwam and Taaw by Senegalese writer Ousmane Sembène, a story relating to a poverty-stricken family that revolts against a tyrannical father in Africa, published in 1992 by Oxford Publishers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Don’t confuse TAAW with TAW. A TAW is a precious stone, a marble, often used as a shooter. To give you an example: “Do not risk your favorite taw when you’re playing against strangers”.
TAW – In Scottish slang, TAW stands for cock, penis, bobby, knob, etc. Just look at this example: “It’ll be a raw taw or no taw at all.”
TAW – This acronym could also stand for “The Absolute Worst”. It is used in absolutely bad situations: “My account was spammed! Isn’t that just TAW?”
TAW – Is also an abbreviation for the expression “Titless Assless Wonder”. It is often used to describe a girl or woman that the user of the term really dislikes and additionally is perfectly stick-shaped. “That woman is such a TAW!”
TAW – Is also used to describe a cooler, shorter woman that’s more likely if you want to get laid. It is another version of “tee taws” that refer to the saggy, bouncy (likely filled up with silicon) melon-like orbs on women’s chests. Check out the following example: Johhny: “Hey man, I was hanging out with this gorgeous slutty chick two nights back”. Ronald: “Friggen suck them taws ?”. Johhny: “Damn right bitches.” Ronald: “You PWN.”
TAWS – The expression, usually in the plural form, is also short for Ta-Ta’s, also referred to as boobies, cannons, fun bags, titties, guns, etc, like in  “Wow man, aren’t those some incredible taws!”
TAW – Another meaning of this abbreviation is “Thirty Attention Whore” like in: “Monica there is such a TAW”. It may be used also as TAW-ing. TAW and TAW-ing are derogatory expressions that refer to girls or women asking for attention while nobody will give her. It may also be applied as a verb, tawing, like in: “Monica there is tawing but unfortunately, nobody is giving a damn.