T&L – What is T&L meaning?

Like most abbreviations and acronyms, T&L can stand for several things. We think the most common meaning of T&L is “Travel and Leisure” but “Travel and Living” could also make a good number one and in the world of education, most people would use the abbreviation in the way of “Teaching and Learning.” Just take a look at all of the other meaning that we found online that are listed below.

Let’s focus for a short while on T&L in Education. In the following video, Dylan Wiliam addresses teacher qualities and how every teacher can and should improve. When we create a culture in our schools of mutual respect and continuous improvement, all teachers will get far better at their jobs.

In the Financial Dictionary, the abbreviation T&L has the meaning of Travel & Leisure Expenses but, of course, only for reasonable expenses, not for coaches and hotels that rent by the hour.

Meanings of the abbreviation or acronym T&L:

Travel and Leisure
Travel and Living
Transport and Logistics
Traffic and Logistics
Time and Labor
Tax(es) and License(s)
Terms and Limitations
Timi and Leslie (handbag company)
Transform and Lighting – graphics
Transforming and Lightning – graphics
Teaching and Learning – most commonly used in the world of education
Transport and Logistics
Thelma and Louise – movie
Tate and Lyle – British supplier of food and beverage ingredients
Technology and Law
Tree and Leave
Trees and Landscape
Training and Learning
Thunder and Lightning
Travel and Lodging
Tools and Libraries
Terms and Limitations
Terminate and Leave
Time and Leave
Tech and Learning – US-based digital publisher
Tobias and Leighton – London-based Care & Support Consulting company
Tate and Lyle Sugars – T&L Sugars Ltd, established in London, United Kingdom
T and L – Laundromat Equipment Company based in Charlotte, North Carolina

Do not confuse T&L with TL. Here are some meanings of the abbreviation TL:

TL – Timeline
TL – Time Lordess (usually the wife of the Lord), Time Lord
TL – Tea Leaf – TL is also often used as another word for “pot” or “marijuana”. It is a sort of code name so teens will be able to use the word freely among other company. Actually, TL stands for “Tea Leaf”, the main marijuana smoking substance
TL – Tenderloin – This is a San Francisco downtown neighborhood notorious for drug dealers, prostitution, pimps, and more
TL – Something totally ridiculous like in “OMG, that’s so t.l.”
TL – Twin Lake, a town in West Michigan
TL – Télé Liban, a Lebanon-based television network
TL – Teens’ Love, a romance manga genre
TL – Turn Left, a publication for and by Cornell University students
TL – Tagalog language, spoken by some 25% of the Philippine population
TL – Teraliter, a metric unit of capacity or volume
TL – Turkish Lira, the currency of Turkey
TL – Symbol for Thallium

Check out also these Travel-related abbreviations or acronyms:

ATL – Accessible Travel & Leisure
ATLAS – Australian Travel & Leisure Automated Systems
OTAL – Overseas Travel & Leisure
TABER – Travel & Business Expense Reports
TBAS – Travel & Budget Analysis System
TBS – Travel & Business Service
TDEX – Travel & Dive Expo
TE – Travel & Expense
TIDA – Travel & Industrial Development Association
TLA – Travel & Living Allowance
TML – Travel Media & Leisure
TMR – Travel & Miscellaneous Reimbursement
TTAB – Travel & Tourism Advisory Board
TTCI – Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index
TTI – Travel & Tourism Industry
TWTL – Travel Watch & Travel Leisure
T&D – Travel & Duty
T&E – Travel & Expenses
T&I – Travel & Incidental
T&T – Travel & Transportation