BBBJ – What is the meaning of the acronym BBBJ?

In general, BBBJ stands for “Bareback Blowjob”. It is widely used internet slang for a blowjob without a condom. For example, in “I just had a great bbbj from that little girl down the street. So it is “fellatio sans condom.” There are many abbreviations, or acronyms, that are very common in the world of Online Speech or Jargon. Generally, this is referred to as Text Message Shorthand or TMS.

Acronyms like BBBJ are common language use in online chat, email, instant messaging, texting, blogs, or online news postings. Sometimes, this sort of abbreviations is called “Chat Acronyms.” The definition mentioned above for BBBJ is the most commonly used, but there is more. Let’s take a look:


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