FUY – What does that stand for?

We came across just two acronyms for FUY, Flagler United Youth and the FUY Forest in the Upper Yangtze, China (see the video later on in this post).

FUY also refers to a town, a river, and a waterfall in Chili. The Middle Fuy is a famous 50-foot waterfall on El Rio Fuy (see video at the bottom of this post), in Chile, and Puerto Fuy is a town located on Lake Pirehueico, in the “Rivers Region” in Chile.

First, let’s see what Flagler College and the Youth Ministry Forum is all about. The video tells you more about Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

FUY – Flagler United Youth

For three years in a row, Flagler youth ministry volunteers, interns, and staff are organizing the Youth Ministry Forum to be held at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. This is a fantastic time for spiritual renewal and self-development for the organization’s leaders as they will be sharing some days listening to peers, hearing keynote speakers, and discussing practical and ethical topics and issues in various sessions. The Youth Ministry Forum is key in enriching the organization’s leading members.


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MVOD – What is MVOD an acronym of?

MVOD is typical Online Jargon. It is also referred to as “Text Message Shorthand” and it is mainly used in emails, texting, instant messaging, online chat, blogs, and newsgroup publications. This sort of acronyms and abbreviations is also called “Chat Acronyms”. We think that the most common acronym of MVOD is Mobile Video On Demand.

MVOD should not be confused with some other acronyms related to online services and computer jargon like MVC (Multimedia Viewer Compiler), MVDM (Multiple Virtual DOS Machines), MVGA (Monochrome Video Graphics Array), MVIP (Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol), MVP (Multimedia Video Processor), MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage), MVB (Multimedia Viewer Book), MVC (Multimedia Viewer Compiler), or MVT (Multiprogramming with Variable Tasks).


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TAAW – What does it stand for?

On this page, we’ll take a look at some different explanations of what the acronym TAAW stands for. The first few listed are probably the most referred to explanations but, as you can see, there is more.

Trance Atlantic Air Waves – A musical project of Michael ‘Enigma’ Cretu. Enigma is a German band but actually, it is a solo-project by Romanian artist Michael Cretu. Trance Atlantic Air Waves released just one album, The Energy of Sound (1998) on the Virgin label.

Time And A Word – Album by British rock band YES. This album is the second album by the English rock band (1970) on the Atlantic label. “Time And A Word” was recorded just a few months after their debut album “YES” was released.


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T&L – What is T&L meaning?

Like most abbreviations and acronyms, T&L can stand for several things. We think the most common meaning of T&L is “Travel and Leisure” but “Travel and Living” could also make a good number one and in the world of education, most people would use the abbreviation in the way of “Teaching and Learning.” Just take a look at all of the other meaning that we found online that are listed below.

Let’s focus for a short while on T&L in Education. In the following video, Dylan Wiliam addresses teacher qualities and how every teacher can and should improve. When we create a culture in our schools of mutual respect and continuous improvement, all teachers will get far better at their jobs.

In the Financial Dictionary, the abbreviation T&L has the meaning of Travel & Leisure Expenses but, of course, only for reasonable expenses, not for coaches and hotels that rent by the hour.


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LBPQ – What does it stand for?

The abbreviation LBPQ can have two meanings. Generally, the abbreviation is standing for Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Queer and it points to women who are basically attracted to other women.

Here are some clarifications:

Earlier, the term “queer” was really a derogatory term. Today, however, it is often used for not-specifically or vaguely describing a person’s sexual preference or orientation, identifying him or her with the LGBT community.

The term “pansexual” refers to persons who fancy females, males, and others as well.

Another meaning of the abbreviation LBPQ is “Low Back Pain Questionnaire” and this explanation is used by the international Dictionary of Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations.

How different would I have been as a young LBPQ identifying woman if I had adequate representation? LBPQ stands for Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Queer, and the term is used as a transgender and cisgender inclusive term to identify women who love women. And my answer was astoundingly moving; my childhood, my relationships with other girls they would have been completely different.


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