LOC – What does LOC stand for?

One of the most found explanations of the acronym or abbreviation LOC is “Line of Credit” while in the medical environment it usually is an abbreviation of “Loss of Consciousness” or “Level of Consciousness”. But, as usual, there are numerous other meanings to be found, just check out the list below.

“Line of Credit” is the financial definition of LOC.  This is a standing amount of credit that the customer of a bank may have available at any given time. A financial LOC (Line of Credit) may be called a revolving credit as well. So a line of credit (LOC) is a set amount of money, like a loan, that the bank is extending to the customer. The following video explains a lot:

The bank’s customer may draw upon the line of credit, provided the amount doesn’t exceed the LOC’s limit. The customer needs to pay back the borrowed amount on the LOC within a specific timeframe and at a specific interest rate. Unlike loans, only the actual money drawn on the LOC is charged with interest. To give you an example, if a customer has a $30k LOC but draws just $10k, he is charged interest only on the $10k.


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DA&E – What does it stand for?

It seems like the most common meaning of the acronym DAE or D.A.E. is “Dictionary of American English” though, as always, not everyone will agree. It can also stand for “Digital Audio Extraction”, the process of ripping or copying audio files from a DVD or CD. The following video shows you how to copy any DVD to your computer:

Like with so many abbreviations, there are numerous explanations of what the acronym DAE or DA&E can stand for. One of the common meanings is the following: “Does Anybody Else” like when you’d use it to say don’t thank us. YW! Another good example is: “DAE usually sit down if they pee?”
It is also a locally used Scottish word used in place of “DO”, like in “You’ve got to dae it right away and in Brazilian, dae is an expression used to say “how are you” or “hello”.

In Pakistan, DAE stands for a “Diploma of Associate Engineer”. This a 3-year post-secondary degree in a number of engineering disciplines such as civil engineering, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, biomedical engineering and so on.


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MPC – What does MPC stand for?

There are numerous ways in which the acronym or abbreviation MPC is used, just check out the long list below. First, I’ll give you the (probably) most relevant though this will always be open to discussion.

In the world of Economics, MPC (Marginal Propensity to Consume) is used for describing and quantifying induced consumption. This relates to the idea that increased consumer consumption (more spending) happens ) occurs when there is increased income (after transfers and taxes, the so-called “disposable income”). The following Khan Academy Video explains it all:

So we refer to this disposable income proportion that people are spending on consumption as “Propensity to Consume”. Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC) is that proportion of people’s additional income that’s available for consumption. I’ll give you an example: suppose a household will be earning two extra dollars of disposable income while the MPC (the marginal propensity to consume) is 0.60, of those two dollars, this household will be spending 2 x 60 cents ($1.20) and save 2 x 40 cents ($.80). It may be obvious that our household in the example, without borrowing money, will not be able to give out more than the two extra dollars.


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GMAFB – What does it stand for?

GMAFB – Give Me A Freakin’ Break (politely said) or Give Me A Fucking Break (usual meaning)

In chat boxes, players will be writing “GMAFB” when they tilt because of a bad beat. I’ll give you an example where the acronym GMAFB could be used appropriately. At the end of a tournament, when you’re just one spot from the final round and you’re knocked right out of that tournament, it could be an appropriate use of the acronym “GMAFB” to type it in the chat box. So far for GMAFB. More at the bottom of this page. Let’s now look at the risks of “Texting”.

What all parents need to know about sexting

Probably, you’ve heard those horror stories about so-called “sexting” that pop up all over the nation’s news. Let’s take a look at what “sexting” exactly stands for. Is this something you, as parents, should worry about? What and who is actually “sexting” and is this really a problem?


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LOML – What does it stand for?

LOML stands for Love Of My Life

LOML is an acronym for “Love of my life”, It refers to a soulmate and is pronounced “Lom-El”. It is referred to as OTLOML as well which stands for “One True Love Of My Life”. To give you an example: Jody has been my sweetheart since high school. We married right after college. She really is my LOML. Listen to Brian May sing live: Love of my life:

When we use the term LOML literally, the acronym is synonymous with “soul mate.” People describing their spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé(e), wife, or husband as their “LOML” basically want to say that that person is the love of their lives. That’s the one they wish to spend what’s left of their lives with.

However, the term LOML may also be used in a sarcastic way. This, of course, is very useful if you want to bring some humor into a normal conversation. You may sarcastically call something or someone their “LOML” when they have a deep admiration for something or really like something about another person.


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BBBJ – What is the meaning of the acronym BBBJ?

In general, BBBJ stands for “Bareback Blowjob”. It is widely used internet slang for a blowjob without a condom. For example, in “I just had a great bbbj from that little girl down the street. So it is “fellatio sans condom.” There are many abbreviations, or acronyms, that are very common in the world of Online Speech or Jargon. Generally, this is referred to as Text Message Shorthand or TMS.

Acronyms like BBBJ are common language use in online chat, email, instant messaging, texting, blogs, or online news postings. Sometimes, this sort of abbreviations is called “Chat Acronyms.” The definition mentioned above for BBBJ is the most commonly used, but there is more. Let’s take a look:


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MBFN – What does this stand for?

What does MBFN stand for? This sort of acronyms, or abbreviations, are common in Online Jargon, often also called Text Message Shorthand. These acronyms are used in email, texting, online chat, blogs, instant messaging, and news postings. These abbreviations are also referred to as Chat Acronyms. We know several definitions for the acronym or abbreviation MBFN, so here we go.

Must Be Fucking Nice – Johnny has next week off because of not-used sick days. Earlier this year, he’s already used all of his vacation days. MBFN.

Must Be Fucking Nice – My best friend and her girlfriend just made it 2 years. MBFN.

Muscle-Based Food Network – Used in the food and nutrition industry.

Multiple Beam Forming Network – Used in the military, electronic, and warfare industries.

Maryland Bass Federation Nation – For an Anglers’ organization in Maryland.

Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria – This is the most-used expression and commonly accepted in Nigeria.


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LCON – What does LCON stand for?

What does LCON stand for? Well, there are several explanations for LCON. We think the most common is the University of Memphis’ Loewenberg College of Nursing, but there is more. Let’s take a closer look:

LCON – Loewenberg College of Nursing. RN to BSN Online Degree Program provided by The Loewenberg College of Nursing at The University of Memphis. This nationally-ranked BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) program from LCON provides students with the skills, competencies, and competitive edge to be successful in the demanding healthcare industry. At LCON, students can earn their BSN degree in just 12 months!

LCON – Local Contact (in Telecommunications Contacts). Not every location requires a site survey. For example, Verizon may determine the applicability of any site survey. In case site surveys are required, Verizon staff contact with the LCON (Local Contact). The LCON needs to be familiar with the required services and the site and be in a position to provide access.


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BBT – What does it stand for?

I think that the most common meaning of BBT is “Baby Boy Toy”, though I guess “Branch Banking and Trust” would be preferred in some American regions like North Carolina. The “Baby Boy Toy” is a headless doll or mannequin who some individuals love to have sex with. Let’s take a look at a somewhat more unfamiliar BBT video, at Bryan’s Bass Test:

The BBT in the acronym “Baby Boy Toy” is generally at a younger age than that of the cougar using it or him. Having sex with a BBT is not including any sort of feelings or some intelligent conversation. After all, he or it is just a toy. Like in this example: “BBT can be fun, but just the toy is never enough.”

BBT is also frequently used for “Basal Body Temperature”. It is used for conceiving faster by determining the most fertile days in women. BBT charting helps to detect ovulation and it is inexpensive and relatively easy. Reproductive Endocrinologists and Gynecologists can recommend BBT charting to detect when ovulation happens to get an understanding of menstrual cycle patterns in women.

But if you look it up online, there are so many meanings of the acronym or abbreviation BBT but to be honest, I doubt the relevance of some of these abbreviations or acronyms, though I personally like the Big Black Tits and Big Boys Toys ones. All of these abbreviations are listed on the Internet! Here are the most common in alphabetical order:


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WSCA – Western States Contracting Alliance

Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA)

The Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) is a branch of NASPO (the National Association of State Procurement Officials) and consists of NASPO purchasing directors of 15 Western states. WSCA was founded in 1993 to create the means and procedures by which representatives of participating states can be joining together in multi-State cooperative contracting.

This approach of WSCA helps the participating states to achieve efficient and cost-effective acquisition of quality services and products. Generally, individual member states will develop cooperative purchases and WSCA does not maintain lists of vendors.

The members of WSCA are the states’ central procurement officials that are heading the states’ central procurement organizations or an appointed designee for the states. The 15 Western states are Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Washington.


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